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"Tique" Tracks

What are "Tique Tracks"?

They are testimonies shared by so many wonderful families about their "Bou Babies".
We feel we have left our own special "Tracks" in each of their lives.

For those of you considering the adoption of your own "Bou Baby",
we hope these comments will bring you closer to being part of our extended family.

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Persian kitten
White Persian kitten

"I truly treasure all beauty, whether it's natural beauty or manmade. I've had my 2 kitties for a week now and they are beautiful in every way. They are little masterworks of nature.  But they would not be here for me if not for Kathi, who passionately loves her boubabies and wants to share the love. And that too is beautiful."

xoxo Leslie, ZZ, and Aladdin



Red Tabby TeaCup Persian

I am over the moon in Love with Tigger, He is PERFECT in everyway...he popped out of his carrier...happy and curious !
He is the cutest thing I have ever seen, it was love at first sight!

He is eating , using the litter and most important..Motoring !!!

I love him, love him, love him !!  Thank you so much !! He has brought me so much Joy !!
God Bless you and all your kitty`s !!!!!

I am so grateful :)  Sierra*



Blue Eyed White
Tea Cup Persian

She is tiny, delicate, and perfect.  She bonded with me almost instantly (.....and I with her).  She loves to play, but when she is tired she will come find me.  She loves to cuddle on my shoulder for nap time.  She is a hunter, and she loves to tussle with her toy mice.  I call her Tiger Lily when she is in hunting mode.  We went for our 2nd Vet visit for her kitten shots.  Every one in the office makes a big fuss over her, and she loves the attention.  They especially like the pink carrier you sent with her.  My Vet says she is healthy, beautiful, and she is almost 2 lbs.  This has been such a wonderful experience, and I am very glad that I found you and your kittens.  Thank you for sending this sweet baby into my life.  Just thinking about her makes me smile, and her affectionate personality and angelic expression are a joy everyday. Very Sincerely, Pat           


We just came home from the airport. Arley and Tahlia are home safe and sound.  They are so beautiful and adorable! You are a wonderful, sweet and caring person. You prepared their pet taxi with a lot of love. We are so happy we have two of them. Thank you for making the dream come true.  You really bring joy to our hearts and home! Thanks again!  Best regards, Christien  

Copper Eyed White
Odd Eyed White
Blue Eyed White

Just wanna let you know Brody arrived safe and sound.  He is so adorable and were so correct in your description, his blue eyes are amazing and his white coat is so soft! We have been busy making him comfortable in his new home and he is already playing and having fun and getting lots of hugs and kisses!!! Also, thanks for all the cute toys and personalized crate.  It didn't take him long to get to know us, he is so sweet and cuddly just like you said.  I will send you pictures of him as soon as I get a chance.
Thanks again for little Brody, he truly is a blessing for us.
Sincerely, Nancy

Gustavo is literally too cute for words.  Really, he's even too cute for pictures---they don't do him justice.  He loves to sleep on his back, with all four feet in the air, and he often kneads/doughs the air and purrs when you talk to him or pick him up.  So many times, my husband has said that Gustavo is really too cute to be real, and he's right.

Golden Tabby Persian

Blue Point

I have so much to say but I can not put it into words.  This little kitty is such a precious joy.  She is amazing, wonderful and a tremendous blessing to our family.  Personally, I never thought I could love this little one so very much.  She woke me (by purring in my face) this morning (at 5:45) to snuggle and play.  She is so very content to be held and loved during movies, during anytime of the day...  Thank you, thank you so much for this loving bundle.


HE IS SO SWEET!!!   We all are in love!   He's so friendly; there's been no "adjustment period."   I'm watching him explore as I type this.  Thank you SO much!  Terri


Lilac Point Himalayan

Blue Tortie Point Himalayan Kitten

The people at the airport were ooing and ahhing over her when we arrived to pick her up.  She is  adjusting really well.  Dakota (dog) and Anakin (cat) have come to the conclusion that she is here to stay and are starting to play with her now. [...]  We have named her Anastasia and she is definitely the princess of the house!   Jodie


We sit here in our newly dubbed "kitty nursery" in love.. How can a person fall in love so fast? I don't know but my hubby and I are over the moon over this little "character". He has so much personality and so loving at the same time. I love that he is so CONFIDENT for a small kitty. That says eons about you and how you raise your boubabies. Thank you so much. Our hearts were so broken over Norman. I don't know when it would have been that I would have felt this amount of love, had it not been for our new baby. Thanks for what you do.  Bringing joy to your heart and home is a true statement to be sure...  Hugs, Barbara


Cream and White Ragaper

Blue Point Himalayan Kitten

I love this little cat! She is sooo pretty and has the most lovable temperament!  Very unusual, she is not standoffish like most cats, but very playful and snuggles a bunch! Thanks! :) Vandi

I need to tell you that Perpetua is the smartest, prettiest,  healthiest, and naughtiest kitten in the whole wide world. She's fearless. (click Perpetua's picture for the rest of this adventure!) Thank you, both. More than once, See-Saw and I have looked at each  other and remarked on how blessed we are to have had God lead us to  you. Your genuine love for your tiny babies and your devotion to  them is obvious. Your friend, Beverly


Blue Eyed White Persian
Black Doll Face Persian Kitten
Black Persian

We are having a blast with Pixel.  He's already going up and down all 3 flights of stairs
to get to "his room" and really only goes in there to potty. He likes to stay out and about. His toys are everywhere! He has his favorite spot, our red chair. Last night he slept on our pillows. The adjustment period was super fast!
Thanks again for everything! We'll keep in touch! -Kirby and Kevin

Emerson is home safe and sound. He did great throughout his adventure.  You are so sweet and amazing how you go above and beyond to care for your kitty’s.  You can rest assured that I will continue the same care for Emerson. Thank you for all you have done. Warmly, Susanne

Doll Face Red Tabby Persian Kitten
Red Tabby Persian
blue eyed white persian kitten dollfaced
Blue Eyed White Persian

I'll have to say, she is the sweetest most adorable little girl I've ever had in my life. I don't have the words to describe her or what she means to me. Anytime I pick her up she just relaxes and lays in my arm in any position I put her. She plays hard and chases the other cats through the house and then runs out of gas and gets up in my lap and lets me pet her until she falls to sleep. Then she's up playing again. She is truly a joy! Kim

I just wanted to let you know that Oreo is doing great!! He is drinking and eating... and playing! He chases the feather tickler around like a goon! It's so cute. Thank you so much for this little bundle of love. I couldn't be more pleased with him. It really shows how much love you put into your kittens. He is just wonderful and really has made my life so much better :) Thank you SO much for taking the time to answer all my e-mails quickly and for being such a nice person. I will look forward to talking to you soon :) Elizabeth

black and white bi color persian kitten Doll Face
Blk/Wht Bi Color Persian
cream point himalayan kitten, Doll Face Himalayan
Cream Point Himalayan

Just wanted to let you know Ziggys doing just fine. He is everything you said he would be! He [h]as been so cute today, he follows me everywhere and loves the attention. Which is a great thing when all the boys are here. I think he'll fit right in. We LOVE everything about him!! Thank you so much for sending us someone so special. Teresa


I wanted to let you know that Anna is breaking hearts amongst our family members. In fact, right now she's sleeping on her back under my desk. Sunny is Mr. love bug always getting into trouble. I can't express to you how happy we are with Sundance aka "Sunny", and our Anna. Brad

seal point himalayan kitten and cameo persian kitten, Doll Face Himalayan and Doll Face Persian kitten
Seal Point & Shaded Cameo

black persian kitten, Doll Face Persian
Black Persian

Sabrina just amazes me with her sweet disposition. She loves to paw kneed at my hair in the morning to wake me up. Again thank you for raising such a loveable animal and allowing her to enter our lives. She's a dream come true! Debbie


Orbit is doing wonderfully. He is playing constantly and she sleeps on my head at night. He appears to love our Maltese dog and Sugar loves him back. They play and then sleep side by side. Thanks for all you did to raise such a cute kitten. Bonnie

blue eyed white persian kitten, Dollfaced Persian
Blue Eyed White Persian

seal point himalayan kitten, Dollfaced Himalayan
Seal Point Himalayan

First off, all is VERY well with Cuddles. We contained her in the master bedroom/bathroom for 2 days and she was much more relaxed by day 3. She is quickly becoming a very outgoing, social member of our family. Playful and sweet - we love her so much! I have got to tell you, we are really enjoying her, what a little sweetheart she is! Thank you for nurturing this little gift of an animal! Tammy


I just wanted to let you know that Chubby is doing great. He is getting lots of love and he is following us all around every where - he does not want to be alone. He is very playful!! Sue Ellen

white persian kitten
Blue Eyed White Persian

seal point himalayan kitten, dollface himalayan
Seal Point Himalayan

Oh she is so beautiful. I have to say she is absolutely perfect. Belle is adjusting well, she has plenty to do and explore! She is a very curious and playful kitten, perfect in every way! Yesterday she used her litter box, ate some food, she has been brushed, and last night, on her own she crawled into bed with Ariella and cuddled up next to her head on her pillow. Ariella said she gave her kitty kisses on her cheeks and on her nose. I am glad Belle feels safe with someone and seems to have found her place. I could not be more happy. Stephanie


Bailey has arrived..he is sooooooooooo sweet. He has been right by me all morning. We love Bailey sooooooooooo much you still have his brother?? Carol

chocolate teddy bear persian kitten, doll face persian
Chocolate Persian

white persian kitten doll face persian
Blue Eyed White Persian

Thank You so much for my precious little boy. Alex is doing great and I thought I would send you a picture of his life is all about. I didn't think I would ever find another kitty like my Kilo, but Alex is just as wonderful and more spoiled than Kilo was. He is the light of our lives. Thank you so much for bringing us so joy. Ginger


I just wanted to let you know that Halo is doing so great!! She has adjusted to our home and family very well. I now allow her to roam the entire house. Of course, she has found some good hiding places, but now she comes out and follows me everywhere. She was first sleeping under our bed, but now she jumps up and sleeps right in between us, purring away. She is the delight of our lives, thank you again!!! Patti

Copper eyed white persian kitten, doll face persian
Copper Eyed White Persian

Blue Eyed White Rag A Per kitten
Blue Eyed White

Just thought I'd let you know Cody is such a ladies man. I had a little "Sip and See" party for a few of my closest gal friends to meet Cody and he seemed to enjoy licking all their tootsies! My husband made a "cat fishing" toy out of a fishing rod and a practice golf ball which he attached feathers to. Cody played with it so much it made us tired! Cody and I have really bonded after spending some "quality" time together. His loving way can melt my heart. What can I say, we were meant to be! He is a dream come true. Annette


He's here!! What a perfect transition : ) The plane landed right on time - we were there early (just in case). Love at first sight!!!! What a total DOLL!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how good he was on the ride home - playing (in his decked-out, first-class taxi) all the way home. Thanks so much for the loving care that went in to sending him to us : ) Carol

Red and white bi color rag a per kitten
Red Tabby with White

white rag a per with blue eyes
Blue Eyed White

Reagan arrived safe and sound. She is absolutely beautiful! She has settled into her room and has been alternating exploring and chasing her tail. She's such a sweet little kitty, I just love her! Thank you so much for making it possible for us to have such a wonderful addition to our family. Julia


Emma is doing great. She is truly my angel from heaven. They don't make them any sweeter. She is so attached to me that sometimes if she can't see me and she feels lost or abandoned, she meows really loud. As if to say...where are you? I will always be indebted to you for remembering me on your waiting list and giving me this gift. Linda

white kitten with blue eyes
Blue Eyed White

Blue Eyed White Rag A Per Kitten
Blue Eyed White

She is everything I've always wanted!! I can't believe she is MINE! She is the most beautiful little kitten I have ever seen. Ryan and Amanda were so surprised. I told them to sit on the couch and close there eyes, then I put Missy on their lap. When Amanda opened her eyes she said, "Is it real?" (I've bought little battery operated animals before.) I thought that was funny. My husband absolutely loves her too. We are all SO happy. Thank you so much for everything. You have made my dream come true! Lindie


[...] we are super happy to have Amanda with us. She slept with us, basically on my pillow and kind of close to my head. I have long hair and it seams she loves it.. She is so pretty. She's started to follow me every where I go.. She cries when she doesn't see me.. I called her name and she waits for me to look for her.. We are super happy... Thank you very much... Lorena

Seal Bi Color Point Rag A Per
Seal Bi Color Point

blue bi color point rag a per kitten
Blue Bi Color Point

Madison is doing so well, She has the most adorable meow and is already calling the shots all around - the house revolves around her :-) Toby has doubled his weight in the two months he's been with us and is the most beautiful cat I've ever seen - Madison looks like she will give him competition in the 'most beautiful cat' title. Thanks again. Nicola


Binkley is the BEST! We absolutely adore him. He is so smart and sweet. Right now he is practically leash trained and can go for short walks. He has also learned to play "fetch" - probably because he loves treats. Everyone just thinks he is beautiful. His coat is so thick and soft. He and my husband are best buddies - he sleeps on Roberts side of the bed. However he still comes running when I call his name. We have a dockside home so he spends most of the day looking out of the window at the water. Thanks for the pictures. We will always be in touch. Selda

seal bi color point rag a per kitten
Seal Bi Color Point

white kitten
Blue Eyed White

Just thought I would send you an update on Lily our precious Ragaper. We just love her so much. She is a live wire. I call her Drive By because she comes out of nowhere, attacks and flees. She loves water. Loves to be in the shower. Lily brings me a toy every morning. She puts it on my pillow and has been doing this from the day we got her. She makes me wash her face every morning when I am washing mine and carries her toys in her mouth around the house. Her fur is care-free as far as maintenance goes, and so so soft. She is so smart. Lily is the friendliest cat I ever met. She likes everyone and never stops purring. Susan


I just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Dr. Pepper. He is doing wonderful. My husband and I think he is just a bundle of joy. Mr. Big and Dr. Pepper just love each other. Mr. Big is always grooming the kitty and neither one of them can sleep without the other. I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful kitten. Everything about him is just perfect!!! Tammy

black smoke with white rag a per kitten
Black Smoke with White

copper eyed white , doll face persian kitten
Copper Eyed White Persian

Aspen is an angel and we love him so much. We feel fortunate to have him in our family, always know that he is well cared for. My daughter Nicole says "Its a good thing Aspen came here to live with us because if he went to live with someone else, they probably would have treated him like an ORDINARY kitten and not like the VERY VERY SPECIAL kitten that only WE knows he really is!!! (I quite agree with her!) Sherry


Our sweet sweet Crystal got me through so many tough times during my illness she was like an angel sent to me from heaven. She helped relax me... You must have known I needed an angel didn't you.. Crystal is our sweet sweet girl and we all love her so so much.. Corey loves her so much and has never forgotten all the emails and the wonderful intervention you did for him. When we had picked her up at the airport we were in Love!! It was the most loving experience for Corey and all of us. She is absolutely Gorgeous Grown up also!! Doreen

green eyed white rag a per kitten
Green Eyed White

tortie rag a per
Tortie Ragaper

She truly is one of a kind.. I could not have asked for a better personality (Especially when it comes to being my daughter's playmate).. It's like she was made to order...  Jill

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