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Nursery name "Butterscotch"

Cream and White Ragaper Boy
Born August 16, 2006

"We sit here in our newly dubbed "kitty nursery" in love.. How can a person fall in love so fast? I don't know but my hubby
and I are over the moon over this little "character". He has so much personality and so loving at the same time. I
love that he is so CONFIDENT for a small kitty. That says eons about you and how you raise your boubabies.
Thank you so much. Our hearts were so broken over Norman. I don't know when it would have been that
I would have felt this amount of love, had it not been for our new baby. Thanks for what you do.
Bringing joy to your heart and home is a true statement to be sure..."

Hugs, Barbara

12/14/06 Update...

"Elliot is so gorgeous and perfect. He is playful, brave, confident, sweet, affectionate and silly. Perfect qualities in a
kitty, I think. His fur is just amazing. I only run a quick brush  though it every other day and he is good to go. "

 "I think, if I could I would have 10 Ragapers...."

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Cream and white Ragaper

Elliot, Sophie and daddy Scott Ramp
Scott Ramp is an award-winning makeup artist who honed his talents in creating
horrific makeup effects in Hollywood and during his 14 years as a college-level
makeup instructor.  In 1995, he created “The Scream Team,” to share tips,
techniques and hand-made materials with individuals who want to “up
the quality” and add scream factor to everyday Halloween costumes.

Elliot started life in the spotlight by appearing on Denver's
CW2 with Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald

Update 03/22/07 - Hope this finds you well. Wanted to "pop in" and let you know how well Elliot is doing.
His nicknames are "Elliot the Brave" and "Lion". He is a riot. Very secure and happy cat but madly loves 
with his grey tabby sister, Sophie. They are two peas in a pod. They do everything together.
He is so beautiful too.

Our friends call him "The Brad Pitt of Cats"!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our boubabyboy...Thanks! Barbara Ramp

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