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Nursery name "Zoe"
Teacup Persian Girl
Born 07/11/14

Reserved for Leslie

Leslie shared a very special story with us in relation to the names of her kitties:

"Here is the fairy tale as I heard it as a kid.  Persia was ruled by a cruel king.  He would marry and the next day the bride would disappear. Hmmm.  Well, one day he comes across a beautiful girl . Because of the laws, she had to marry him  but all the while she was thinking of a way to survive. Then she hit on the idea.. She would tell the king an enchanting story every night , he came to love her and her stories.  The woman is the mythical Schherezade.  Alladin and his lamp is one of the tales. The collection of stories is "1001 Arabian Nights." Have always loved the story within the story!"


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White Tea Cup Persian

Laddie and ZZ getting weighed and their check up before going home!

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White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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