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Nursery name "CeCe"

Blue Point Tea Cup Himalayan Girl
Born 02/27/2007

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Update 08/21/07:    Anastasia is almost six months old now and I wanted to give
you a quick update. She is such a beautiful and sweet kitty. She is very healthy
and seems very happy.   She is very attached to me and likes  to spend most
of her time in my lap or sitting on my shoulder if I am working at the
computer (which is quite a sight!)  I have attached a few pictures
for you.  I hope all is well with you!   Jodie

Blue Point Tea Cup Himalayan

The people at the airport were ooing and ahhing over her when we arrived to
pick her up.  She is adjusting really well.  Dakota (dog) and Anakin (cat) have
come to the conclusion that she is here to stay and are starting to play with
 her now.  I had no idea how much I was asking of you when I asked for
pictures.  I can't get that little girl to sit still for one minute to get a
good  picture of her.  All of mine are a blurry fluff running by!  As
soon as I can get a good one, I'll send it to you.  We have
named her Anastasia and she is definitely the
princess of the house!   -Jodie

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