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CW2 News-Safe Kitty Toys

Tea Cup Persian

CW2 and our "First Snow"  announced the arrival of our
"first snow" welcoming another glorious winter
season in beautiful Colorado!

"First Snow" made her TV debut with Dr. Fitzgerald.  As important as the snow
in the Rockies is to all of us, our Snowy and little Butterscotch seemed much
more interested in the subject to today's Animal House segment  -

Safe Toys for Kitties.


Copper Eyed White Standard Napoleon

Dr. Fitzgerald said that playing with toys helps promote muscle tone and most importantly
helps with social bonding between you and your kitty.  Kitties need safe toys
such as non destructible balls and of course the ever
popular laser light to give them exercise.

In closing Dr. Fitzgerald mentioned that these playful little ones
"make our lives better!"  We couldn't agree more Dr. Fitz Smiley



Cream and White Ragaper
Tea Cup Persian

Butterscotch (now named Elliot) played and excercised throughout the segment.
  Afterward the CW2 camera man discovered the most important excercise of all -
a furry, purry hug!

, First Snow and all the Bou Babies send their thanks
to Dr. Fitzgerald for all the fun toys used in the show!  We'll
make sure they all have the excercise they need to keep
them happy and healthy!

Oh yes, a special thanks to the CW2 camera man for his
Butterscotch cuddles!!

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