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Each of our Himalayan Kittens for sale has a dedicated page. 
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Our Doll Face Himalayan kittens for sale have unmatched personalities.  They are engaging and affectionate and have
a fun nature for playfulness.  The Himalayan breed is now classified by the Cat Fancier's Association
as part of the Persian breed and said to be the most outgoing of the Persian kittens.

Himalayan cats have the distinction of their strikingly beautiful point colors.  Whether your Himalayan kitten has seal,
chocolate, blue, cream or even lilac, their alluring blue eyes will capture your attention and your heart. 

For these reasons, the Himalayan kitten is one of the most popular breeds of kittens for sale. 
We hope you find your special Himalayan in our sweet
Himalayan kittens for sale.

Each of our Himalayan kittens for sale has a dedicated page. 
Just click on their names below to view more photos!

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 Bliss - Seal Point Himalayan Girl - Reserved

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If you would like to learn more about the Himalayan breed,
please visit our Himalayan (Colorpoint Persian) Page.

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