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White Teacup Persian

Jan 2020 - Another sweet compliment!  

Oh Kathi, We are having so much fun with our new little doll! She is having the time of her life with her brothers and sisters. She sits on her back legs and swats at them and then she runs away so they will chase her. Tonight she jumped on Finn and then took off running. She does a lot of the same things Peanut does, she also wiggles her bum like Peanut does, so adorable. Lucy gets in the little play house we have for them and hides and when the baby walks by she jumps up and the baby gets on her back legs and they start boxing. So funny to watch. She is a very good eater, drinks plenty of water and is a ball of energy. She has gained weight and I think I mentioned how pleased the doctor is with the health of Lucy, Peanut and the baby. He also told me he was very impressed at how well adjusted the kids are. He said he could tell the kids were from a very good breeder and he knows how much we love and adore them. He was very pleased. You are the best Kathi and we love you for all you do to bring happy healthy babies into the world. Your knowledge and love for these babies means the world to me, you are loved.

Hugs from all of us!  Love Cindy



White teacup persian

Sep 2018 - What a wonderful compliment!  

It has been almost one week since I've had Chico and my life has been significantly better with him in it! He is the most precious thing. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, funnier, more playful kitten. He is so easy, we haven't had any litter box accidents and he is adjusting to his environment better than I ever expected. He follows me around wherever I go and if he's not playing he is snuggled up by my neck at all times, he is THE BEST.

I want to say thank you so much for everything. I asked numerous questions and you always responded so quickly. Thank you so much for flying with him and meeting me at the airport and of course giving me my new little best friend. You have been so incredible kind and helpful during this process and I would recommend you to anybody who is looking to adopt a new kitty.

This is the 5th cat my family has adopted (Kitsi, Kali, Beau, Tito)from Boutique Kittens and I am not kidding when I say they are the sweetest and most well behaved cats. Everybody is always so shocked by social and sweet they are, you are obviously raising them to be like this when they are newborns. 

Once again, thank you for everything! Have a great weekend!    Best, Cathlyn



Teacup Himalayan

Jul 2018 - I sounds like Lilly and Tabby have a wonderful life!

I hope all is well with you and your family. I took this photo of our beloved Lilly Baby and wanted you to have it.  She is very sweet, enjoys playing ball with us where we throw a soft kitten ball to her and she fetches it to play again! She is a beauty inside and out!  We love her very much.  

Lilly Baby loves to play with Tabby too.  They wrestle and chase each other by running up and down the stairs. Fun to watch too.

Here is the webpage you have created for our three kittens:

Have a good day,  Mina



Teacup Himalayan

Jul 2018 - Love to see the babies as they grow.  Three years old and Mojo is such a handsome boy!




Tortie Teacup Persian

Jun 2018 - We'd like to introduce our newest mommy in the nursery. Our sweet Maizy. She has the most luscious coat and beautiful round eyes so distinctive in the Persian breed.  And yes, we think she is A-MAIZ-ING!

Teacup Himalayan

May 2018 - You would be hard pressed to find a more excited and wonderful mommy!  From the time she decided to bring Toby into her life, Christine just bubbled over with love.  Lucky baby Toby!

Toby is soooo sweet!! I am very lucky to have him ?? He’s been playing and purring and he’s drank water & has eaten some of his food. He’s also used his litter pan. He hopped right in!

He took a nap on my lap too ! We’ve been playing with his toys most of the day. He’s amazing. What a precious little baby he is.

I introduced my older cat to him and my older cat Syrus wasn’t interested yet lol. It will take time.

I just wanted to give you an update on things to let you know he’s doing fantastic ! I’m so glad he loves his new home. I love him so much !  


Teacup Himalayan

Mar 2018 - We are always honored to know our kitty clients are so happy to share their experiences.  Ellie is quite lucky to have such a loving momma :)

Ellie is so much fun - she loves climbing into bed with me at night and sleeping on my stomach.  She’s grown but is still a tiny kitten.  Size is definitely not related to intelligence.  She’s so smart and understands lots of words- especially “treat treat.”  She uses her litter box every time and her temperament is so sweet and calming.  Ellie does not seem to have that independent nature and follows me everywhere-it’s awesome!  If you would ever like me to be a reference for anyone interested in your kittens, I’d be honored to do that.  Have a great weekend ! 

Carole Lynn

Tortie Himalayan

Sep 2017 - It sounds like baby Lilly has adjust nicely to her new home and her new family including some new 4 legged siblings!  Thank you for welcoming these two precious Bou Babies into your lives!

I hope this note finds you doing well. I am writing to let you know how happy we are having Lilly Baby added to our family. She has gotten well adjusted to living with us and has made a wonderful friend to Tabby (3 years old now) and Saffron (4 years old now). Saffron usually do not get much engaged with Lilly but Tabby plays with Lilly, and they chase each other and wrestle with each other. It is fun to watch them! Lilly is such a joy to have! Maybe you would consider adding the attached photo to my webpage on your website when you get a chance. 

Good day, Mina

Black Tea Cup

July 2017 - So thankful for the words of our customers who love their Bou Babies!

I wanted to submit this testimonial, which you should feel free to post on your website, if you'd like :) We are so happy with little Perona (nursery name Patty) that I wanted to leave some feedback for others who are deciding whether to purchase a bou baby. 

If anyone out there is wondering, like I was, whether it is worth buying a beautiful teacup Persian - the answer is YES.  Our little baby is 100 times cuter in person than the photos can even capture.  She's almost impossibly tiny and adorable - a true miracle kitten.  Everywhere we go, people go crazy over her.  Everyone at the vet's office is in love with her and even asked to take her picture for their website.  My friends share her photos with their friends and people I don't even know are fawning over our Bou Baby.  Someone even asked me, "how is she real??"  And that's how I feel every time I look at her!

More importantly, we just had Perona's first vet appointment and she is 100% healthy from teeth to tail.  Our vet said she was nervous when she heard "teacup Persian" because of the bad practices of some breeders.  But our Bou Baby is a picture of perfect health, so much so that the vet was even impressed.  Boutique Kittens truly does put health above anything else. 

I was really nervous about these things when we were purchasing our kitten.  But my mind has now been put at ease and I have recommended this cattery to others who are looking for Persians. 

I am happy to be a reference for anyone who may have questions about our experience with Boutique Kittens. Thanks again for everything.  -Veronica




Persian kittens

  March 2017 - Kitsi and Kali will soon be on their way to Texas to join Beau and Tito
Thanks so much Ginny and Claire for welcoming two more Bou Babies to your families!

  December 2016 - One of our sweet little Bou Babies is snuggling up to help Dr. Fitzgerald promote his Holiday Throw Down in Boulder Colorado! 
Looks like it will be a PURR-fect night to welcome in the Christmas season with fun and laughs! 


December 17th - 8:45pm

  August 2016 - Boutique Kittens sends good luck and happy days to all students returning to school!







Tortie Persian

  July 2016 - Love to see our baby Torties growing up - such fun colors and sweet personalities.  Thanks for sharing Patty!

Teegan has been a joy. Here she is chilling. She does that a lot but usually lying on her back. Lol. She loves giving kisses. She's been a great cat. A happy parent !

Patty - Kansas City

June 2016 - We love updates from our happy customers!

" Hey! It's been awhile since I've messaged!  The babies are 2 now!  So in love can't imagine life without them!  Thank you so much for these wonder babies and being a amazing breeder making sure the cats have the best homes:) we love them and we built them a cat fence outside which they are in love with! They are beautiful and loving! Kimba is a baby he loves attention and to cuddle zuri is a diva lol she only comes to you when she wants she has a attitude problem and she pretty much bosses Kimba around...they have amazing personalities we laugh at them all the time. I hope your doing wonderful"

Gloria - Canada



May 2016 - Dory is a little girl who brought lots of fun and smiles while here in the nursery and seems to be doing the same in her forever home!

"I just wanted to write again and tell you what a delight Dory is... She and Sheherezade are perfect together.. (Dory just put her paw on my finger to stop me from writing.) she's a beautiful soul and Scheherezade just loves her. Their personalities match very well. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for entrusting one of your little boubabies to us!" 

Angela - Oklahoma





Bi Eyed White Persian

Feb 2016 - Another sweet Bou Baby from 2008!  We are thrilled to hear from you Ashley :)

"I just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful companion! Noble is now 8 years old (my! how time flies) and unlike every other Persian I've ever heard of or seen, he doesn't have breathing or tear duct problems.  He's playful, dopey, silly, and snuggly. I love him. Most people always talk about their beauty or their personality, but I wanted to highlight the health of your cats. When it comes time, I plan on getting another from your cattery."

Love, Noble (Flurry when you named him) and A.

Himalayan kitten

Jan 2016 - Eight years have gone by and just look at this beautiful boy!  Thanks for sharing with us Shane. 
We'll do out best to find the purr-fect brother/sister for Figaro!

"It's time to think about getting another kitten.  I think Figaro would like a playmate, and our kids really want a second kitten.  Figaro is the best cat ever, and probably the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.  He is loving, playful, and very healthy.  The vets constantly comment on his amazing health.  I would like another toy or teacup Himalayan.  A girl would be fun since Figaro is a boy, but we would be happy either way.  I prefer the blue and lilac points, but would consider other colors.  The most important thing is the temperament.  We really want a kitty that is loving and playful. 

Also, I have attached a picture of Figaro, so you can see that I'm not kidding about his unmatched beauty.  This wasn't even posed.  He just looks like this all the time."   Shane

Here's your new little brother TOTORO!


Persian kittens

Nov 2015 - Happy 10th Birthday Tin Man and Paloma!!

"Just wanted to send you pictures of Paloma and Tin Man.
They turned 10 on Friday!!! Wow, where did the time go.....the
Continue to give us such love, joy, and laughs!

They got empty boxes for their birthday (along with some toys)
Which is the best gift they could get. Cats just love boxes : )

Thank you for these amazing cats!"

Best Regards,
Kate and Jim, Boulder, CO

Himalayan kitten


July 2015 - After a long day of traveling to Bentley's new home in Alaska a few words says it all......

"In my arms. I think I am in love!!"  Danee, Anchorage, Alaska






Himalayan Persian

July 2015
- Here's hoping that everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July with family and friends!

Himalayan kitten

April 2015 - What a wonderful surprise!  Just look how beautiful Baby Bella, born in 2009, has become!  She will soon be joined by her new little cousin Mila.  Congratulations Leigh on your second Bou Baby!

"Bella is doing really well! Some days she thinks she is a dog running around the house. 

We are really excited and can't wait to have mila join the family. Leigh"






March 2015 - First birthdays are very special for our Bou Baby families.  Read what Kimba and Zuri's mom has to say about her babies!

"Hey Kathi hope your doing great :) Kimba and Zuri are all grown up and beautiful I can't believe their gonna be a year old this month!
Their both amazing and loveable I don't know what we would do without them :)

You'll be in love! We get tons of people telling us how beautiful our babies are."

Happy 1st Birthday Kimba and Zuri!!


White Persian

Jan 2015 - We love to hear about the fun adventures of our Bou Babies as they settle into their new homes!

"Just a quick note to let you know how perfectly Sparkle Noel is fitting in, she's so happy and so are we. She especially loves Santa Paws, the old cloth Santa kitty ornament she nabbed from the tree, she carries it around, occasionally bathes it in the water dish, and happily talks to it. She is growing beautifully, and will be spayed Feb 3. Last week, she happily bathed one of her squeaky mice in the water dish, resulting in us up in the am thinking a smoke alarm was going off (apparently squeaky mice don't like the occasional dip, and gain revenge). I tossed it outside, where it squeaked continuously all day and into the night, ha! Anyway, thank you again, we just love her.  All the best, Deb"




Persian kitten

Dec 2014 - What a wonderful year it has been.  We are thankful for all the new families who welcomed one (or two, or three!) of our Bou Babies into their lives. 
It is a blessing to know they are loved and cared for by all of you. 

Here's hoping the new year brings happiness to each and every one of you and your fur babies!

Hugs and Purrs from all of us to all of you :)





Oct 2014 - Today was travel day for baby Reggie.  As we were on our way to the airport Reggie snuggled up for a nice nap. 
These are very special moments with our little ones :) 

Reggie is now living in Montreal with his new momma who just wrote to say

"I got him!!! He's amazing ;)"


Sent from my iPhone

White Persian kitten

Oct 2014 - Smiles on children's faces when the new babies arrive - the best part of raising these little ones :)

Oct 21,2014 - We love to hear this from our kitty families!

"These are the best kittens I've ever owned!  They are sooo sweet" Alice







White Persian
Golden Tabby

Sep 2014 - Receiving such a beautiful sentiment is truly a blessing!  Thank you so much Leslie :)

"I truly treasure all beauty, whether it's natural beauty or manmade. I've had my 2 kitties for a week now and they are beautiful in every way. They are little masterworks of nature.  But they would not be here for me if not for Kathi, who passionately loves her boubabies and wants to share the love. And that too is beautiful."

xoxo Leslie, ZZ, and Aladdin



Black Persian

Sep 2014 - "Emily is the most adorable baby and she's the life of the party in the household. Em has invigorated both 12 year old Simon and 11 year old Himalayan, Willow, they play with Em all over the house, scampering up & down the hallway at night together. Em even plays chase with my Bichon Frise, 11year old Tyler too."

"I am so in love with Emily and i can't thank you enough for your loving care of her before she was mine."  Bonnie

Happy 1st Birthday Emily!!

Check out "Then and Now" to see how much Emily and others have changed!






Sep 2014 - Looking in the nursery today I noticed two of our kitties who were born just one day apart.  They are a purr-fect example of the size variation between our Tea Cup and Standard size kitties.

Notice that Willow, on the left, is standing and Lexi, on the right, is sitting down and Lexi is still considerably taller.

Whatever their size, we think both these baby girls are adorable!!

Click here to read more about our Tea Cup kitties.





Aug 2014 - We have the great privilege of meeting "Mufasa" at the Black Pine Animal Sanctuary today.  His story touched our hearts so much that we decided to invest in a symbolic adoption of this beautiful boy.  Safe in the care of Black Pine, Mufasa will live out his life being loved and cared for by all who come in contact with him at this fabulous facility.

Click here to read more about Black Pine and Mufasa!

Black Persian

Jul 2014 - Picture day!!  What a great time we had today in the photo studio.  All the Bou Babies "smiled" and purred!  Lexi, Laci, and Francois were the hams of the day :)  Click on their names to see for yourself!






Jul 2014 - We are a family of animal lovers!   Abbi is our professional "Socializer" and horses and kitties are just a few of her specialties :)  Each and every Bou Baby is "Abbi-fied" before leaving the nursery.  Lucky kitties!

Jan 2014 - Beau had a big travel day to his new home in Austin.  After showing off for everyone in the terminal, he decided to take a little nap - sooo cute!!  Our personal delivery option allows your little ones to have a very special travel day.  It's always nice to meet our new kitty families and see their smiles when they first meet their special new furry family member!

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"What food do you use?"
Life's Abundance - our kitties love it!

Life’s Abundance foods are veterinarian-formulated with select
ingredients help your cat achieve optimum health. A “fast-cook”
process at low temperatures is used to help preserve the nutritional
value of each and every wholesome ingredient...... 

 [order here]

"How big is a Tea Cup?"
We are often asked about the size of our Tea Cups. Click to learn [more]

"How do we choose the right veterinarian?"

Your cat is a valued member of your family, so choosing a veterinary office for your pet is just as important as picking a healthcare provider for you and your spouse or children. There are several qualities common to both good physicians and good veterinarians, including education, specialties, experience, environment and bedside manner, among others, and considering some of these characteristics will make your decision much easier.


"Do you place kittens with famous people?"
We absolutely do!  Some of our sales are private but we can share a few experiences with you.
Film, TV and Theater star Ashley Peldon adopts a beautiful Bou Baby!
See Ashley and Kabuki at their first red carpet event   [see more]


"We need some information about moving with our pet."
When you’re relocating across town or across the country, the inconvenience of moving can stress out every member of your family, your pets included.  Many animals, especially cats, don’t appreciate change and may react to dramatic shifts in routine, like relocating, with fear and resentment.  Whether you are moving with your cats by car or by plane, there are many steps and precautions that you can take to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible for both you and your pet.  [more]

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