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Nursery name "Flurry"
Odd Eyed White Tea Cup Persian Boy
Born 09/17/2008

Reserved for Ashley!

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Blue Eyed White Persian kittens for sale

Update 01/04/11: "Hello again!

I cannot express to you how much he means to us! We love him. He has been
well behaved from the first day he came home. He arrived named "Flurry" and
we watched him for a week or so before deciding that the name "Noble" fit
him well. He's very regal and so elegant! I still can't get over how perfectly
trained he was when he arrived. He never scratches on anything other
than his sisal rope scratching posts, doesn't hiss or bite, he doesn't
use his claws to pull himself up on furniture (he jumps and keeps
his claws retracted), and he has NEVER scratched a person.

He is amazing and we are so blessed to have him. Thank you both so much
for this majestic king of a persian. I'll be sure to adopt another one of
your bundle of joys in the future.
Here are some pictures of him so you can see how he's grown.
Thank you so much!"

Homecoming day!!
He is so beautiful, Kathi. Thank you ever so much. He has his first vet
appointment tomorrow at 4:30 with his new doctor. He has adjusted
so quickly. I was expecting a lot of mewing and possibly crying, but
none whatsoever. He looked out at me when I picked him up at the
airport. He didn't make a single peep in the car on the way home.
And once home, I opened the carrier door and he came right out,
purring his little heart out. I can't believe he is five months old,
he is so tiny and he has such an amazing personality! He is a
snuggler who likes to play, and what a climber. He found
hiding places that I didn't even think of, lol. I will have
to get him a really tall cat tree with condos in it.

I am sure you miss him dearly, but thank you so much for parting with him
and bestowing him upon me. I promise I will be the best mommy I can
be for him. He shant want for anything as long as I am around, ever.
Thank you so much!
~Ashley, Corey, and Xerxes/Pekoe/Flurry :)

Blue Eyed White Persian kittens for sale
Blue Eyed White Persian kittens for sale

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