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The United State has 51 cities with populations of over 1 million people. 
Urban development has brought many families, professionals and students to the heart of their cities.
Their lifestyles include the arts, education, fabulous dining experiences, busy schedules and, of course, the extraordinary
opportunity to gaze at the sparkling city lights!  Their homes are wonderful condos and renovated lofts. Their environment
supports their desire for cultural enjoyment, education and career pursuit.

 To enhance the quality of their lives, today‚Äôs urban dwellers are finding the joy of having a loving little kitten greet them at the door for a purring welcome home,
   be there to cuddle with while reading that special book or typing those term papers or while working from home.  Additionally, lifestyle experts support
the theory that adding a kitten to your life can have positive benefits to your health in part by reducing stress and increasing calmness. 

Cute, loveable and easy to care for, cats make a purr-fect addition to city families.


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White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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