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Blue Eyed White Persian, Doll Face Persian Kitten, White Kitten with blue eyes, Cashmere white Persians

Blue-eyed White Persians: The Crème de la Crème

The Persian is known around the world as one of the most regal, gorgeous breeds of pedigreed cat. With their long and varied history, the Persian has remained at the forefront of the species, and the blue-eyed white Persian is widely recognized as the most elegant.

Persians have a solid body style, most often referred to as “cobby,” with a sturdy medium build, strong musculature and well-balanced stance. Their dispositions are laid-back and affectionate and their constitution is hearty and healthy. The Persian has a memorable face: sweet and open like a pansy. Traditional Persians have a normal nose length, while Peke-faced Persians have a flattened appearance. Both variations of the breed have wide, expressive eyes, thick and luxurious coats, and can be found in a myriad of color combinations.

Blue Eyed White Persians, Doll Face Persian Kitten, White Persians with blue eyes, Cashmere white persian kittens

One of the most beautiful variations of the Persian breed is the blue-eyed white Persian. With rich, silky white fur and bewitching blue eyes, the effect is striking. The Persian with a combination of blue eyes and white fur has been cultivated for centuries.

White Persians are reported as one of the first longhaired breed of cat to be imported to England. These cats were brought in from Paris and soon became a favorite with the aristocracy. The popularity of this type of Persian exploded in the early 1900’s, when in American cat shows, separate categories were created for blue-eyed whites, both male and female. Breeders across the United States took up the challenge of breeding the perfect blue-eyed white Persian, and in the process, gathering titles and awards in cat shows, all the way through the present day.

Blue Eyed White Persian, Doll Face Persian kitten, white kittens with blue eyes, Cashmere white persians

If you own a blue-eyed white Persian, there are a few grooming tips and techniques that will keep your cat looking his or her beautiful best. Shorter haired Persians should be groomed 3-4 times per week, while Longhaired Persians require brushing once a day to keep their coats snarl and mat-free. Some white Persian owners use special shampoos or rinses that contain bluing, thought to reflect light and give white coats a bright and gleaming appearance. Baths should be given every month or two, not only to keep your cat clean, but also to remove excess oils and stimulate new growth of the coat. Your cat’s face should be cleaned once a day to avoid stains on the fur from food and any eye discharge.

For optimum appearance, you should take care to keep your blue-eyed white Persian in the peak of health with regular veterinary visits, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and plenty of love. In return, you will have a cat that embodies not only the beauty of generations of breeding, but also the sweet and amiable personality prized by all cat owners.

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Blue Eyed White Persians
Blue Eyed White Persian, Doll face persian kittens, white kittens with blue eyes, Cashmere white Persians

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