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Tiny cats, Toy and Teacup Persians and Himalayans and white teacup Persians especially, have become increasingly popular in the last few years.
  With many families living in apartments and small houses, pet-owners have found that smaller cats fit into their
homes and lifestyles perfectly.   Others are fascinated by these kitties, who are perfectly-proportioned
duplicates of the standard size Persians and Himalayans.

White teacup newborn kitten
Tea Cup Persian newborn

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Our Toy and Teacup kittens are a carefully developed, gradual downsize of some of our smaller lines. Through careful
selection and breeding of our tiniest healthy kittens, our line of beautiful Toy and Teacup cats has emerged.  Teacup
Persians, Teacup Himalayans, Toy Persians, Toy Himalayans, Miniature Persians, and Miniature Himalayans have
the same physical and personality characteristics of their larger Persian and Himalayan counterparts. 
However, rather than the standard Persian and Himalayan size of up to thirteen pounds,
miniature Persians and Himalayans can be anywhere from 4 ½  to 9 pounds.

When searching for your perfect miniature kitten, like the Toy Himalayan or Teacup Persian,
it is important to remember that occasionally the genetics of the Persian and Himalayan
bring forth standard sizes in the offspring of Toy and Teacup breeders. 
For this reason, we can not guarantee full grown sizes.

A guarantee may be comforting but consideration must be given to the genetics of the Persian and Himalayan breeds. 
Their heritage indicates they come from standard sizes of 10-13 pounds.  We have gradually and successfully
downsized these kitties over a period of time.  However guarantees of size, albeit a good marketing tool,
could prove to be disappointing if their standard size (which lies in each kitten’s genetic background)
becomes a reality in a particular kitten's growth pattern.

That being said, we follow our lines closely through the experiences of our past
breedings to better project the size of new babies delivered from the same
parents.  Based on this experience, we have established a chart
reflecting ranges of projected full grown weights for Toy and
Tea Cup kitties born at Boutique Kittens.

Projected full grown weights for Boutique Kittens
Toy and Tea Cup kitties

Toy girls:  5 - 7 lbs
       Tea Cup girls:  4 1/2 - 6 lbs
Toy boys:  7 - 9 lbs
Tea Cup boys:  5 - 7 lbs

And as always, our miniature Persians and Himalayans
reflect the same breeding standards as all of our Bou Babies at Boutique Kittens:

Health, Disposition, and Beauty, in that order. 

Teacup Himalayan
Two Teacup Persian kittens
Two Teacup Persian kittens

Born just one day apart, Willow and Lexi (above) are a wonderful example
of the size variation of our Standard and Tea Cup size kittens.

Below are a few more comparisons.

Our Toy and Tea Cup kittens are priced between $2800 and $3200
depending on their size, color and breed.

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