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Blue Eyed White Ragaper Kitten

If you’ve never heard of this breed, don’t be surprised. The Ragaper is a Boutique Kittens exclusive: a charming and beautiful blend of the Ragamuffin and the Persian. Our Ragapers exhibit a combination of the best characteristics of each wonderful breed and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

A Brief History of the Ragaper

When becoming a breeder, one of the first things you learn is that when cultivating one breed of cat, the characteristics in the gene pool are limited to only those common to that particular breed. Careful mixing of certain breeds approved by the Cat Fanciers Association can widen this gene pool and promote felines with better health, thicker coats, unique coloration, and other desirable attributes. For this reason, many breeders are always on the lookout for the next great combination of breeds, such as the forward thinking that resulted in the Himalayan (an exquisite Siamese and Persian mix).

Lynx Point Ragaper Kitten

We at Boutique Kittens are no exception. We were captivated by the idea of uniting the impressive history and stately beauty of the traditional Persian with the strong and healthy, sweet-tempered newer breed of Ragamuffin. In 2004, we asked our veterinarian, Dr. Steen, his opinion of the crossing of the Ragamuffin and the Persian and he agreed that the idea was a good one. Keeping in mind our creed of “Health, Disposition, and Beauty,” we began our Ragaper journey.

With the creation of the Ragaper, we have brought the Persian and the Ragamuffin together and their offspring have been blessed with the best of both worlds. The result of this union has been incredibly healthy “Bou Babies,” with thick, bunny soft manageable coats, round faces, and laid-back, amiable dispositions.

Physical Characteristics of the Ragaper

Both the Persian and the Ragamuffin are known for their sturdy builds. The Persian has what is known as a “cobby” build, meaning that they are typically stocky and have shorter legs. The Persian’s chest is broad, and they normally have equally broad shoulders and rumps. Ragamuffins are known for their large size, with adult females weighing in between ten and fifteen pounds and males at fifteen and twenty. The Ragaper is a solidly built, toy to standard size cat retaining the grace and dignity of a smaller feline.

Green Eyed White Ragaper Kitten

Both the Persian and the Ragamuffin possess thick, silky coats. Their fur is glossy and soft and can be found in a wide variety of colors. Your Ragaper will have this same plush bunny soft coat, and we’ve seen some gorgeous colors and patterns result from this combination, including:

  • White
  • Bi-Color Points
  • Shaded and Smoked Colors
  • Color Points
  • Bi-Colors
  • Darker Shades
  • Solids
  • Tabbies
  • Torties
  • Blue Creams

The Ragaper has the round “Pansy-like” face of the Persian, and the large, beguiling eyes of both breeds. Their walnut-shaped eyes can be found in warm copper, pure blue, mossy green, aqua and sometimes even a combination of these colors, as shown by our bi-eyed “Bou Babies.”

Seal Point Ragaper kitten

Personality Characteristics of the Ragaper

Ragapers are affectionate and fun loving. From their Persian side, they receive their sweet-tempered patience and from their Ragamuffin side, extreme friendliness and “lapdog” tendencies. Because both of the Ragaper’s parent breeds are known for their great temperaments, the Ragaper is by nature an easygoing cat.

Ragapers make wonderful companions. They thrive upon attention and are devoted pets. Their easy personalities lend themselves well to families with children. While prized for their calm, they are by no means sedate. If your Ragaper needs exercise, just bring out the toys and watch them do the rest!

Black and White Bi Color Ragaper

Caring for Your Ragaper

Setting up a good grooming routine while your Ragaper is still young is advisable and makes maintenance easy and enjoyable for you and your Ragaper.  While their coats are plush, they are very low in maintenance. Simply run through your Ragaper’s coat with a metal comb or brush twice a week. Bathing your Ragaper occasionally will keep him or her clean and smelling fresh, but make sure to administer a good combing and nail trim first.

The best place for your Ragaper to live is a safe and protected indoor environment. Keeping your pet indoors, or limiting any outdoor time to short supervised visits, will keep him or her safe from disease, other animals, and deadly cars. If your Ragaper decides to use your furniture to sharpen his or her claws and you are considering de-clawing, try a good scratching post liberally sprinkled with catnip first.

Make sure to schedule annual trips to the veterinarian and spaying or neutering is recommended. As with any pet, provide your Ragaper with a healthy, balanced diet to keep him or her from running to pudge. With proper care, good food and lots of love, your Ragaper can live a long, healthy, and joyful life as a treasured member of your family.

Red and White Bi Color Ragaper Kitten

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