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Green Eyed White Ragaper

Once again I must let our kitty family tell you about their special baby girl!
As we follow the words from our Ragaper families, we smile with
happiness as we hear the love they feel for these wonderful
kitties being almost indescribable.
However, Doreen has done a pretty good job!!

"well we have so much to tell you!!! crystal did so well she was right at home
the next day after the first night in her pet taxi. she is doing so great!!!! we
absolutely adore her we all love her!!! i know she loves all of us too so much!!
[...] she is the most wonderful kitten i have ever experienced!!! she is like
heaven to all of us!! she is just perfect!! she's mischievous, so playful,
lovable and just plain affectionate. she melts my heart when she takes
her soft paw looks me in the eyes and caringly touches my face. we
are so connected to her forever!!! i feel so wonderfully lucky to have
found you. you by far are the best breeder i have ever known. there
is no experience like this. she simply relieves my stress all the way!!
Corey is the happiest kid alive she snuggle up to him to sleep at
night. they play and have fun all the time.  I know I am going on
and on but I can't help it because she brought so much
happiness to our family." -Doreen

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Green Eyed Kitten
Ragamuffin, Persian

Our Ragaper Journey is full of stories just like Crystal's.
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amazingly friendly Ragapers!

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