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Tin Man and Paloma

Blue Silver Tabby with White &
Black and White Bi Color Ragapers
Born 11/06/05

Update 11/08/15: Just wanted to send you pictures of Paloma and Tin Man.
They turned 10 on Friday!!! Wow, where did the time go.....the
Continue to give us such love, joy, and laughs!

They got empty boxes for their birthday (along with some toys)
Which is the best gift they could get. Cats just love boxes : )

Thank you for these amazing cats!

Update 1/07/12: Paloma and Tin Man came to be such a huge part of our family!
Here is a few pictures! They are just a silly, beautiful and loving as ever!
Happy New Year!
Kate and Jim

Update 11/24/09: We can't believe Tin Man and Paloma are now 4 years old!

Here are a few recent pictures of these beautiful and funny
kitties!   We can't imagine life without these cats.  They
continue to give us so much joy, fun and love.  It is so
wonderful  having the 2 of them as they play up a
storm and comfort each other when we are gone.

I hope all is well with you and all your Bou-Babies!

Kate and Jim

Tin Man and Paloma pictured above at 2 years old!

Update 11/06/07: Can you believe Paloma and Tin Man turn 2 today!!!!  My how the time has flown bye......
They have grown into such gorgeous cats!  They are the sweetest personalities!!!

It took them a little while to get used to the new hardwood floors which replaced carpet.
Yikes,  they would s-l-i-d-e at great speed across the floor....."Look out!"

They just love each other so much.  We are SO glad we got both of them :)  Kate

Tin Man and Paloma pictured above at 1 year old!

Kate and Jim are wonderful kitty parents to their two Ragapers.  Kate plays beautiful music and
Jim is a chef.  I would say that Tin Man and Paloma have landed in "kitty paradise"!
Listen to the proud mommy as she talks about her little ones...

"These Ragapers are the sweetest kittens ever!!! Tin Man lets us hold him forever as he just purrs and purrs.
Paloma is a very silly cat who loves to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out on the floor and wiggle with delight.

Their coats are really filling out and are incredible. Tin Man is all puffy and soft and Paloma is all sleek and silky.
They both have the furriest feet!

We are so happy we have the 2 of them. They play endlessly and comfort each other when we are away.

Congratulations on your new litter from Miracle and Hershey.
I am sure these Ragapers will be as beautiful and sweet as ours and
will make some lucky families smile as much as we do!"

Kate and Jim
Boulder, Colorado

Click on pictures to enlarge.

"Here are a couple recent photos of the kitties.....The are  just inseparable! Paloma shows off her dove marking so well!
It is the 2nd photo that I see so much of Miracle in Tin Man. He is such the sweet boy!  (well usually)....

Tin is much smaller than Paloma.  However he is the dominant cat?  They love each other so much.
They constantly play together.  They often run crazily through the house taking turns playing
chase. They are wild!  Then they sleep together.....

We were away for a week early February and they did great during our absence since they had each other.
We just had several friends come in to visit and feed them.  We are SO happy we got TWO!!!!

Gosh~~~~~~Can you tell how spoiled they (and we) are!

Take care.  We always enjoy looking at your web page from time to time to see
all those cute new boutique babies!  Kate"

Blue Silver Tabby with White Ragaper Kitten and Black and White Bi Color Ragaper Kitten
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