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Life's Abundance Premium Health Food

Doll Face Persian and Himalayan Kittens
Doll Face Persian and Himalayan Kittens

All of the cats and kittens seen on the pages of our website are an important part of our family and just like our human family, their health
and nutrition is key to a long and happy life.  It is this love and devotion to our “Bou Babies” that led us to Life's AbundanceTM  products. 
Life's AbundanceTM is a premium health food scientifically formulated for 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

Life’s Abundance™ Products: Why We Use Them

At Boutique Kittens, we treat all of the cats and kittens as pampered members of our family. 
We do our best to make good decisions for our “Bou Babies” when it comes to their health and nutrition.
These decisions can ultimately guarantee them a longer and happier life.  

In our search for the best and healthiest foods for our cats, we found Life's Abundance™ food, supplements and daily care products.

Here are just a few of the products used at Boutique Kittens:  

Life's Abundance Premium
Health Food

Boutique Kittens' Favorite!
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Instinctive Choice
If you read about nothing else,
read about this amazing food!

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All Life Stage Grain Free
Wholesome, grain-free food with 38% protein, Omega-3s and tasty!

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Revitalizing Shampoo
This shampoo smells wonderful!
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Bath Fresh Mist
Use this after their bath
for a healthy and vibrant coat!

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Healthy Start Pack
Everything you need to
maintain overall health!
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Life's Abundance™ is a premium health food, formulated by veterinarian Dr. Jane Bicks for 100% complete and balanced nutrition. 
The natural and wholesome ingredients included in Life's Abundance™ are the new generation of pet food.

Veterinarian formulated
and recommended

How is holistic pet food different than the kind sold in grocery stores?

The difference between Life’s Abundance™ and regular cat food lies in the ingredients used.  Have you ever wondered what’s in that
canned cat food that your cat loves so much?  You might not want to know.

Current FDA regulations let manufacturers put ingredients in their pet food that you wouldn’t feed your cat in a million years.  The uses
of the following ingredients are common in mass-distributed pet food (please don’t read the last one if you’re squeamish).

Chemical preservatives like BHA and BHT that recent studies in Japan have shown to cause various types of cancer.

Difficult-to-digest grains such as corn, wheat, and gluten, which are sometimes used as a protein substitution for meat.

Animal byproducts include feet, intestines, blood, organs, and other nasty ingredients.  In other words, byproducts are the barely edible parts that no one else wants.

Just like humans do, cats need a nutritional diet that tastes good and includes everything they need to keep them healthy.


What You Won’t Find in Life's Abundance™ Pet Foods:

NO Artificial Colors:  Artificial coloring is for your benefit.  Your cat doesn’t mind what shade of brown his or her food is, just so long as it tastes good.

NO Artificial Flavors:  Including natural ingredients that appeal to your cat’s taste buds prevents the necessity of artificial flavorings.

NO Harmful Chemical Preservatives: The common preservatives BHA and BHT have been shown to cause cancer, but another common pet food preservative, Exothyquin, is actually listed by the Department of Agriculture as a pesticide.

NO Corn or Wheat:  Besides being fillers without much nutritional value to your cats, corn, wheat and soy are known allergens and can cause itchy, red and flaky skin in many animals.

NO Byproducts: The only animal products not considered fit for your pet’s consumption are teeth, horns, hair and hooves.  By law, any other rendered “meat” could be lurking in that can.


What You Will Find in Life’s Abundance™ Pet Foods:

Quality Animal Proteins like turkey and catfish meal.

Powerful antioxidants from natural sources, like alfalfa sprouts and Brewers yeast.

Five probiotics (friendly bacteria) that enable good digestion.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids for healthy, shiny coats.

Why choose Life's Abundance?

At Boutique Kittens, we want the best for our furry family members.  We know that you feel the same way, so we recommend these Life’s Abundance™ -
veterinarian-formulated products inspired by nature and made using good science.

You should feel confident that you are giving your pets the healthiest food possible.  Life's Abundance is meticulous about the quality of their pet foods and only use
  premium ingredients.  Their strict quality controls to ensure products that are safe, as well as appealing to your pets.

Since your pets can’t tell you what they need, they depend on you to make the right choices when it comes to their health and happiness. 
You can depend on Life's Abundance™ and all of their products!


Click Here to learn more about Life's Abundance™ pet foods
or to place an order for your cats today!

Click Here to learn more about Life's Abundance™ pet foods or to place an order for your cats today!

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