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  Doll faced white Persian Kittens for sale
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Our Veterinarians

Alameda East

From their Chief of Staff to their emergency technicians, this 32,000 square foot
facility has everything needed to ensure the best animal care possible!



The health of our feline family means so much to us that we exclusively use the services of Opens external link in new windowAlameda East Veterinary Hospital.
The veterinarians at Alameda East are considered to be the best anywhere. Their quality of care is so well known, that you have probably already seen them on Opens external link in new windowAnimal Planet
Dr. Steen personally examines each and every one of our breeders and kittens. He is the proud parent of our "Bou Babies" Smoky and the Bandit as well!
All kittens adopted from Boutique Kittens are vaccinated and health checked by Alameda East. When you receive your newly adopted "Bou Baby" they will come with a health certificate from Alameda East assuring you that your new kitten has received the best medical examination available.
If you want to know that your new baby is receiving the best care available, then do not settle for anything less than a Boutique Kitten!

We are fortunate to have the permission of Alameda East Veterinary Hospital to use their lobby
for those of you who can take delivery of your kitty in the Denver area.  This is especially
nice as you will have the opportunity to see first hand where your kitten and all our
breeders receive their care. 

Alameda East Veterinarian Hospital

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Opens external link in new windowAlameda East Veterinary Hospital
9770 East Alameda Avenue
Denver, CO 80247

White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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