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CW2 News-Catnip

As the sun rises in Colorado, Boutique Kittens arrives at the CW2 television station
for an appearance with the CW2 morning news team and our friend
Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald of Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.

Tea Cup Persian
Tea Cup Persian
Tea Cup Persian

Lights - Camera - get ready for the "Bou Babies" to make their appearance!

For those of you in the Denver area who were wondering about the weather, you may have noticed that our
"Golden Promise" helped Angie Austin with the local forecast!

Tea Cup Persian
Tea Cup Persian

Our beautiful Jasmine waits patiently on the set with her microphone.
Maybe they'll want to hear her "purring" solo today! :)

Tea Cup Persian

The subject today was "Catnip".  Dr. Fitz says "it’s safe and stimulating to the
kitties - kind of equivalent to caffeine for humans".  He went on to say that
"only 2/3 of cats will respond to catnip". 

Tea Cup Persian
Tea Cup Persian

As Dr. Fitzgerald leaves the station for another busy day at Alameda East,
he stops to give "Golden Promise" one more hug!

Thanks again Dr. Fitzgerald for putting our kitties in the spotlight!

Tea Cup Persian

The stars of this October 2, 2006 airing were Golden Promise, Vail, and Jasmine
The three girls will be unavailable to sign autographs at this time, as they are very busy with the catnip toys and catnip bubbles
they received from Dr. Fitzgerald!

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