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Odd Eyed White Tea Cup Persian Boy
Nursery name "Snuggles"
Born 08/24/2007

Film, TV and Theater star Ashley Peldon
is the proud mommy of Kabuki!

"Had to go with a theatrical term and the traditional white face Kabuki
makeup of Japanese theater was a perfect fit for the little guy! 
Not to mention his bi-eyes are like a yin-yang! :-)"  Ashley

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Ashley Peldon

Update November 20, 2007
I just wanted to write and tell you how amazingly well little Kabuki has been doing!  He settled right in and easily befriended my 55lb Labradoodle,
who just finds him fascinating!  I have a great photo of the two of them sleeping on my bed together.  My older cat wasn't convinced as easily
but he has finally come around and they are getting along very well!

Kabuki has been fantastic, just super sweet, purrs a ton, loves cuddling and being held!  He is so bright, and has a wonderful gentle personality,
and loves his toys!  He has been very easy to brush and purrs happily while I comb him.  His eyes have stayed bright and beautiful,
his off color eye bounces between brown and green, so I think I'll call it hazel. :)

I take Kabuki out a lot, too, on little jaunts and he is so great in the car, when I'm not driving, he just sleeps upside down on my lap! I love it!!!

I also attached a few photos from the "14th Annual Lint Roller Party" I recently attended. It is a wonderful charity event that raises money for animal rescues.
The red carpet event is always fun and draws a lot of celebrity guests! Charlize Theron is the event's spokeswoman. They always tell celebs we can
bring our pets, so I had to bring little Kabuki along!   I put him in his little leopard print harness and attached him into my Louis Vuitton bag. 
He did so well even with all the cameras flashing at him!  Everyone was in awe of his beauty and how calm and sweet he was! 
He must have gotten a hundred pets and snuggles!  I later settled into the VIP lounge to let him relax, and he fell asleep on my lap! 
Some of the celeb guests had to come and give him a pet, Chad Lowe (24, ER) even held him for awhile! 
He was the hit of the event!!!

I just have to say again how wonderful Kabuki is!  He truly is everything I could have wanted and I love him so much!

Thank you for raising such an amazing and well adjusted kitten! [...] Kabuki sends you his love.

Best, Ashley

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