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White Teacup Persian Girl
Born 03/25/14


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White Tea Cup Persian

Update 6/20/15: Hey! It's been awhile since I've messaged! The babies are 2 now! So in love can't imagine life without them! Thank you so much for these wonder babies and being a amazing breeder making sure the cats have the best homes :) we love them and we built them a cat fence outside which they are in love with! They are beautiful and loving! Kimba is a baby he loves attention and to cuddle zuri is a diva lol she only comes to you when she wants she has a attitude problem and she pretty much bosses Kimba around...they have amazing personalities we laugh at them all the time. I hope your doing wonderful :)"

White Tea Cup Persian

Update 03/08/15: Hey Kathi hope your doing great :) Kimba and Zuri are all grown up and beautiful I can't believe their gonna be a year old this month!
Their both amazing and loveable I don't know what we would do without them :)

You'll be in love! We get tons of people telling us how beautiful our babies are.

Update 05/30/14: "Hey Kathi! We got the kittens home safe and sound! Their so adorable were in love with them! Thank you for all the toys and treats! Their so playful and hyper I love it!  thank you again were super happy with them! Beautiful kittens!!!"  -Gloria

White Persian

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White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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