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Nursery Name "Rayyan"
Blue Point Toy Himalayan Boy
Born 04/16/2008

Reserved for Shane!!

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Update 01/30/16: "It's time to think about getting another kitten.  I think Figaro would like a playmate, and our kids really want a second kitten.  Figaro is the best cat ever, and probably the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.  He is loving, playful, and very healthy.  The vets constantly comment on his amazing health.  I would like another toy or teacup Himalayan.  A girl would be fun since Figaro is a boy, but we would be happy either way.  I prefer the blue and lilac points, but would consider other colors.  The most important thing is the temperament.  We really want a kitty that is loving and playful.  

Also, I have attached a picture of Figaro, so you can see that I'm not kidding about his unmatched beauty.  This wasn't even posed.  He just looks like this all the time."  Shane

White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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