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Nursery name "Cubby"
Tiny Tabby
Teacup Persian Boy
Born 04/15/14

Reserved for Mina

Update 2017 - Tabby has a new sister coming home soon.
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Tea Cup tabby Persian

Update 11/22/15:  Sweet little guy is now 1 1/2 years old!

Persian Kitten

Update Oct 2014 - "Just wanted to share this photo of Cubby (we call him Tabby); he is 6 months old now.  He is cute and curious and very playful! He loves to play ball games with us and with our other white Persian cat Saffron.  They also wrestle together!  They are good buddies.  It is fun to watch them.  They have added so much quality to our lives and we love both to death."

Take care,  Mina

All snuggled up in his basket - too cute!

Update: "Cubby is adjusting well as a new member in our family. He is very playful!  He has already bonded with me and takes naps on my arm or on my side!  Cubby and Saffron met last night and looked at each other; for a while they played hide and seek too!  This is a picture of Saffron and Cubby.  They love to be together. Saffron is a one-year old White/Silver Persian."   Mina

Update 08/18/14: "Cubby had his final vaccinations last week and he is good for another year!  He has gained some weight and has grown a lot.  He is indeed a young and playful fellow.  Cubby is also very sweet and has completely bonded with me.  I love him very much; he is a great companion."

Tabby Tea Cup Persian
Black Classic Tabby Persian

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