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Nursery name "Beau Tie"

Black Persian Boy
Born July 6, 2006

Kirby and Kevin,
We know this little guy will make your birthday very
special this year and for years to come :)

Update 08/07/2015:  "We got Pixel back in 2006 and I can't believe he's 9 already. He's been a doll (attaching a couple pics) and is my constant art making buddy.   ...We would love a red boy next (we flipped over Emerson pictures) and wanted to see if you could think of us if one comes about in the future."

Update 07/13/07: Pixel has turned out to be a doll. He's just so irresistible.
Has an amazing personality and loooooves people!  Anyone that visits gets
Pixel in their lap. What a cuddler! I have never had a cat with this amazingly
sweet temperament. There's always a constant purr, at any time of the day.

He has the cutest markings. His toes have lighter tufts in between and
he has grown light tufts around his ears. I call him skunk monkey on
some days when it's more noticeable. (you can see these in the
last picture attached)

Thanks again for such a great little being.
I don't know how long I can stand not getting another!  :-) Kirby

Update from home!

"We are having a blast with Pixel.  He's already going up and down all 3 flights of stairs
to get to "his room" and really only goes in there to potty. He likes to stay out
and about. His toys are everywhere! He has his favorite spot, our red chair.
Last night he slept on our pillows. The adjustment period was super fast!
Thanks again for everything! We'll keep in touch! -Kirby and Kevin"

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After waiting a little impatiently, Pixel stood up to meet his new
mom and dad!  Lots of hugs and kisses, then in to see
Dr. Steen for a final exam before going home.

Kirby decided to take advantage of a little visiting time with Pixel before he was ready to go home.

  We met with Kirby at Alameda East and it was love at first sight.  Her eyes lit up like candles
when she saw this sweet Bou Baby boy :)  It's always nice to see the bond that seems to
instantly develope and the smiles that come straight from the heart :)

Black Persian, Persian kittens for sale

Pixel's mom and dad live in the area and chose our "Local Delivery" option.
Delivery day is a special day for us, your Bou Baby and you. 
We do our best to make it memorable, fun and safe.
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