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Blue Eyed White Ragaper
Born 06/28/05

We knew Cody was a special boy from the beginning!
Annette and her family have confirmed that with us as he is growing up.
Sounds like Cody has brought some very special love
to his family in Spartanburg!

Blue Eyed White Ragaper

Update December 25, 2007
"Cody and I wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.
[...] some recent pictures so you can see how beautiful he is.”

"Enjoyed looking at your precious kitties and especially the pictures of Miracle
I told Cody that was his Mommie. I'm so glad he has her beautiful tail and
fur. Cody's birthday and mine are coming up soon (June 28th) so I'm
planning a party. Wish you could come to Spartanburg to celebrate!
It would be so much fun!  Cody is doing great and is THE MAN
around here.  Everyone who comes over is his new best
friend and they all love his sweet way.

Thanks again for all you did to bring him to us.
Much Love,  Annette"

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Blue Eyed White Ragaper Kitten
Ragamuffin, Persian
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