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Nursery Name "Dimples"
Black Persian

Sabrina is a "purr-fect" example of how elegant and beautiful our
black Persians can be.  As well as being a little "Princess", her
momma Debbie says she now has a sense of humor!

"I just wanted to say that I saw Dreama & Hershey's new family on your
website. They are just so beautiful and just knowing the disposition
and the beauty of "My Sabrina" aka Dimples  from the same
 Mommy and Daddy that  whom ever adopts one of these
little angels will have fulfilled a lifetime dream. Sabrina
is the most beautiful,  loving, sweet natured kitty
ever. She is always purring with sheer delight.

So, for those who are considering one of these kitties,
you  will not be sorry! If anyone would like to call
me they can contact  me."
 Happy Purrs to all, Tom and Debbie

"Lately she has been playing cat and mouse with us when we
want to snuggle with
her...she will run and when we give
up she finally lays on her back and funny.
Happy Purrs to you and yours, Debbie"

Update: Feb 2006
I am so excited to see the new arrivals. They are all so beautiful no matter what their markings are. We took Sabrina to the vet for her shots a couple of weeks ago and she told us she just loved her face and that the breeder is doing the right thing in breeding such beautiful cats. She just love Sabrina and Sabrina loves her. She will be going off on her own making house calls and we are so looking forward to that. No more waiting in offices and driving for 40 minutes to see her. She is a specialist in animal behaviors.

 Anyways, we will be moving into our new house in the upcoming weeks. The kitties will be wondering what is going on I'm sure. Cosmo just loves the cats and chases them all over the house. Sabrina is still enjoying her mother/daughter brushing nights with me. She loves to get brushed just before we retire to bed. I will send new pictures as soon as I get my film developed.

Keep up the great work on those kitties! Enjoying every minute of it. Debbie

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Black Persian Kitten

Sabrina shares her home with buddies Cosmo and Lady.   Sharing space is
one thing but Sabrina says of her time with mommy Debbie,
"I am her little princess!"

Persian kittens for sale

Sabrina continues to bring happiness and comfort to her mommy Debbie.
Watch for the arrival of more little cuddle bugs like Sabrina
on our  Birth Announcement page!

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