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  Doll faced white Persian Kittens for sale
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Nursery name "Blossom"
Blue Eyed White Teacup Persian Girl
Born 04/10/11

Reserved for Pat!

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Persian kittens for sale

UPDATE 07/10/11: It has been one month today that Lily come home, and I wanted to share my joy.  She arrived on schedule with no problems. 
She is tiny, delicate, and perfect.  She bonded with me almost instantly (.....and I with her).  She loves to play, but when she is tired she will come find me. 
She loves to cuddle on my shoulder for nap time.  She is a hunter, and she loves to tussle with her toy mice.  I call her Tiger Lily when she is in hunting mode. 

We went for our 2nd Vet visit for her kitten shots.  Every one in the office makes a big fuss over her, and she loves the attention. 
They especially like the pink carrier you sent with her.  My Vet says she is healthy, beautiful, and she is almost 2 lbs. 

This has been such a wonderful experience, and I am very glad that I found you and your kittens.  Thank you for sending this sweet baby into my life. 
Just thinking about her makes me smile, and her affectionate personality and angelic expression are a joy everyday.  Very Sincerely, Pat                                                                                                                            

Persian kittens for sale
Persian Kittens for sale
White Persian Kittens for sale
Persian kittens for sale

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White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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