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Min-Lai Maycee

Blue Point Ragaper Girl
Born 05/17/2007

Receiving lots of hugs and kisses from Elisa!

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Seal Point Himalayan

Update September 3, 2007
"I have so much to say but I can not put it into words.  This
little kitty is such a precious joy.  She is amazing, wonderful and a
tremendous blessing to our family.  Personally, I never thought I could love
this little one so very much.  She woke me (by purring in my face) this
morning (at 5:45) to snuggle and play.  She is so very content to be held
and loved during movies, during anytime of the day...  Thank you, thank you
so much for this loving bundle."

Update August 10, 2007
"Min Lai is really amazing.  She is such a joyful, cuddly and playful
girl.  I am NOT a cat person...but I am becoming one!!!  What a blessing
to have this little bundle here to love on. "

Min-Lai means a Lively Blessing and this little one certainly is!!
Elisa has been waiting for the purr-fect little friend
and little Min-Lai is ready for hours of fun!

Blue Bi Color Point Ragaper


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