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Ziggy's new family was sure anxious for his arrival!!

Thank you soooooo much!  You don't know how happy we are to see these pictures of Ziggy.  They are wonderful
and he looks so adorable.  We've been at one of the boys all-star basketball games and just got in and this just
added to a wonderful evening.    We're getting more excited than ever! 

Oh, and the little guys asked me to print out the sports picture of him so they can take it to school tom. to show
their friends!  They want everyone to see him in the basketball Thanks for being so wonderful--Teresa

Still a little more time to wait...

"Time will pass by a little faster for us now, our youngest son is having to have sinus surgery on Thurs. so we'll be
overly occupied with this for a few days. And he said Ziggy will make him feel all better when he gets here.:) 
I think everyone in our community knows were getting him and yes, they've seen his picture all over 
We just can't wait." -Teresa

And finally, Ziggy has a happy homecoming!

"Just wanted to send you some pictures of Ziggy. He has captured the hearts of everyone who meets him.
He is a wonderful part of our family. We all love him so much and we'd like to say, "Thanks" again!
He's just one of the "boys" here in the Brooks household." -Teresa

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Cream Point Toy Himalayan Kitten

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