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Blue Eyed Cashmere White Persian

Most times our "Bou Babies" are best described by their new families!

"I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate you thinking of us and allowing us to have little Brooklyn.  I could just cry when I see Kim walking around holding that little baby.  She is so adorable and he is so happy."

Sometimes those pretty faces are hiding a bundle of "mischief"!!
I guess her daddy Kim's wish has come true.  Brooklyn is really part of each day's activities!

Be careful what you wish for - tee hee!!!

"Just a note to update you a little on our baby Brooklyn. 
First off, can we send her back? I can't get anything done WITH her help.
We start the morning about 5:00 and as soon as I get out of the shower, she get in.  After she is good and wet, she jumps into the litter box and after making sure her legs are completely coated, she run over and jumps up on the countertop to help me put my contact in.  Just about the time I get it close to my eye here comes a little white paw and knocks it off my finger.  Not to mention that she is sitting in front of the mirror so all I can see in the mirror is cat.  Then it's time to put on the makeup, boy is that fun!  Have you ever tried wearing your eyeliner in a zig-zag? one morning I carried her in to see her daddy and told him to look at her legs and feet.  He said what's that on her legs, and I said it's eyeliner, what do you think.   After I get all that done, I'm no fun so she goes in to help her daddy make up the bed.  She is "some funny".  What a precious little bundle of fur.  I hear Kim in there talking to her all the time telling her how pretty she is.

 You should hear the girls at the vets office when she goes in.
They all love her and make on over her like they've never seen a kitty.
But that's all they see because we go to the Cat Clinic. 
She is just something really special. We love her so much.

 Regards,Sheri "

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Blue Eyed White Persian, Persian kittens for sale
Blue Eyed White Persian Kitten

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