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  Doll faced white Persian Kittens for sale
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Nursery name "Jaspurr"
Tabby Persian Boy
Born 11/13/2007

Reserved for John, Katie and Tarin!

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Persian Kittens for Sale

Homecoming days can be magical!
Gustavo is literally too cute for words.  Really, he's even too cute for
pictures---they don't do him justice.  He loves to sleep on his back,
with all four feet in the air, and he often kneads/doughs the air
and purrs when you talk to him or pick him up.  So many
times, my husband has said that Gustavo is really
too cute to be real, and he's right. 

Gustavo is terribly sweet.  He loves to play, with someone or even by
himself, and then he curls up in your hands and falls asleep trying
to continue purring and kneading his little paws in the air.  Gus
(=Goose) loves to watch the butterflies on the Cat Sitter DVD.
I bought it on a whim at Petsmart.  We live in a high rise
condo, and although cars look sort of like things to chase
from the 21st floor, I wanted him to see at least a
version of the outdoors.   He purrs and doughs
every time I show it to him, with an occasional
"high five" catch when the butterflies come on. 
The little guy loves butterflies.

Persian Kittens for sale
White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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