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Blue Eyed White Persian Girl
Born June 12, 2006

Beverly is the author of
"Mornings With Fulton Sheen"

"If I could, I would send the whole world to your door and let the crowd push and plead for your BouBabies!"

I need to tell you that Perpetua is the smartest, prettiest,  healthiest, and naughtiest kitten in the whole wide world.

She's fearless. Once she tried to climb up the chimney over the  fireplace. I spotted her tiny rear end and tail just in
time to fly  across the room and grab her down.  She looked like a street urchin with black soot on her cheeks,
in her eyes and nose, and on all four paws. Now our fireplace screen is taped to prevent a second attempt.

Most of the time, she scampers around from one toy to another. When  sleeping, she often likes to lie down beside
me. Her favorite  running and jumping place is a tall book case. She seems to favor small, dark places behind
shelved books to explore. And at night,  she hides behind books on a floor shelf right next to my bed.

Thank you, both. More than once, See-Saw and I have looked at each  other and remarked on how blessed we are
to have had God lead us to  you. Your genuine love for your tiny babies and your devotion to  them is obvious.
Your friend, Beverly

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Blue Eyed White Tea Cup Persian

Update 08/08/07: See-Saw and I think of you often because Perpetua is such a perfect little sweetie pie. Headstrong? Yes! But with a rare desire to be held and loved along with determination to help me with everything I do. When I  sweep the utility room, for example, she wraps her little white arms around the broom and tries to "ride" it as if it's a merry-go-round.

Update 02/05/07: Perpetua is amazing. She's learning to speak English!
Well, not speaking, but she understands certain words and
responds appropriately.

The most fun is when we play hide-and-seek. If I want her to come out of
her hiding places, I sing a familiar old Sunday School tune, "Jesus loves
Perpetua . . . Yes! Jesus loves you, the Bible tells me so!"  She
comes running so fast, she stumbles over her own little feet.

Mornings? Oh my goodness. When it's time to get up, she wakes me
with tiny little kisses on my cheeks and nose. Then if I say kitchen?
or bathroom? she romps to get there ahead of me.

She knows the word birds, too. We have a deck where birds come to feed
on the other side of a floor to ceiling window. If she's sleeping when
they come, I say, "Look, Perpetua! Birds!" She wakes up quickly
and crawls on her tummy trying to sneak up on them.

I could never express how much I admire and appreciate what
you do to launch your Bou Babies. I think you know that
some things cannot be put into words.
Your friend, Beverly

Blue Eyed White Tea Cup Persian

Update 04/16/07: Perpetua has learned to play a kitten version of baseball. When my  children were young, we lived in Cincinnati the year the Big Red  Machine won the World Series with Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, George  Foster, et al. I didn't care but my husband and children persuaded  me to attend a game "just this once." They were eager for me to  enjoy it, so a couple of them shouted, "Hit one for Mother!"

A few weeks ago I was reminded of those long ago days when I set a  new roll of toilet paper temporarily on the side of the tub and  watched with astonished laughter as Perpetua jumped up and swatted  it off. When I put it back, she swatted again.

I told her she's a good hitter and this time, when I reset the roll  on the tub, I said to her, "Hit one for Mother, Perpetua!" She  swatted it and was rewarded with effusive praise and applause and  one small IAM dry kernel.

I told her she's just like George Foster. Once I had interviewed him  for a magazine, and had discovered he was much more than a good ball  player; he was a really good man.

Now if I want her to play, I close the door and secretly prepare the  field ahead of time by lining up six or eight rolls on the tub's  edge. When I call her and ask if she wants to play "Hit one for  Mother, she scampers into the bathroom where she swats and purrs as  she eats her IAM kernel and waits for me to say it again, "Hit one  for Mother, Perpetua!"

Could any kitten be more adorable? I am SO glad See-Saw found you.  The joy and laughter you bring to your adopting families is  simply beyond price.

Your forever friend, Beverly


Blue Eyed White Persian Kitten Tea Cup, Persian kittens for sale

Perpetua is blessed to find such a loving and "famous" mommy.
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