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  Doll faced white Persian Kittens for sale
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White Tea Cup Persian Girl
Born 09/05/09

Reserved for Lauree & Ford

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Persian kittens for sale

"Daddy and Me"

Ford with his very special therapy baby girl.
Blessings do happen!

Update November 2013:     I hope all is well in your world. Our little Bou Baby Zooey is doing fabulously. In fact I have attached a recent photo so you can see for yourself. She has been such a beautiful addition to our family. Ford and I call her our "furry daughter." In fact 2 1/2 years ago Ford was in a catastrophic car accident and Zooey helped him get well. Cuddling with her and playing with her lifted his spirits throughout his physical therapy. Thank goodness he is fully recovered now but we call her our 'therapy kitten!" She travels with us everywhere and we are completely in love with her.

We are so grateful for our Bou Baby Zooey!!! She is our furry daughter and she LOVES music! I sing to her all the time and she nuzzles right up to us. When we sing to her she comes running to us. She is the sweetest most loving kitten ever.

Thank you again for bringing this amazing treasure into our world.

Hopefully when we move to a house we will be able to add another Bou baby to the family.

Big hugs,


Zooey's mom and dad -
Hollywood producer Lauree Dash & Actor, Director Ford Austin

Persian kittens for sale
White Persian kitten
White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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