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Blue Lynx Point Himalayan Girl

"I fell in love (LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT). And she has the BEST personality. She still cuddles w/ me daily and sleeps in her little cage (off and on through out the night). She wakes up when I do (sometimes even late on the weekends).  She adapted well at my sister in-laws while I was in Hawaii. She's really not afraid of people, unless there is alot of new faces. But she always is nosey enough to come around after a little while. Pretty much, where ever I go, she goes.  It's so cute and what I wanted most of all in my pet.  All my friends and family know she's my baby not just my kitty.  And my husband (got married 9/16/06!) loves her just as much, though he won't admit it (he has her pic show up on his cell when I call).  It's funny how things work out. I really feel like Misia was meant to be with me - thanks to you.  Take care.  with Love, Justine and Misia"

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Blue Lynx Point Toy Himalayan
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