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Cream Point Tea Cup Himalayan Boy
Born 05/30/2007


Living with Lana, Maysi and family in sunny Florida!!

Update 09/06/07: You won't  believe it every morning he jumps into his carrier
and goes to work with me he loves people. I tried to leave him home one day
and he  threw a fit.  My husband can't get enough of him. I dont think he 
touches the floor at all. When I get home everyone wants to hold him.

Thanks From- Mishu ,Lana,Amir,and Yoshi

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Cream Point Himalayan

UPDATE 10/19/09: ...just wanted to send you an updated photo of Mishu he
is so loving and maysi is doing fine I'll send you an update photo of her soon
thanks for everything you have given us much more than kittins.

Himalayan Kittens for sale
Cream Point Himalayan
Kittens for Sale
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