Persian Kittens for sale A Copper and Blue eyed White Kitten
  Doll faced white Persian Kittens for sale
Himalayan Kittens for sale


Nursery name "Dreams"
White Toy Persian Girl
Born 06/06/10

Reserved for Frances and Mishka!

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Persian kittens for sale

Update 01/06/11: "I can't tell you how much joy Snowy has brought to our
family. She and my son, Mishka, are the best of friends and have formed
an incredibly cute bond. Snowy follows us around from room to room all
day long. She naps in the room where I spend hours each day writing
a book. She is so good-natured and cuddly!

So that's' the news for now.

Have a wonderful year!"


White Persian kittens for sale

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White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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