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A boutique is an establishment set apart from the regular world: one in which
you can expect exceptional and personalized service, and enjoy an
extraordinary, unique, and individually meaningful experience.

It is our privilege and pleasure to share this experience with each of you and your families.

At Boutique Kittens, we have kittens for sale, yet so much more.  Our
Bou Babies are a part of our family.  We are dedicated to nurturing
healthy, happy, and beautiful kittens, and preparing them to
become a treasured member of your family.

Our Doll Face Persians for sale and Himalayan kittens for sale
are each an exquisite representation of their breed. Each of our
kittens for sale has been bred to our exacting standards of
"Health,   Disposition,   and   Beauty"
in that order.

As a family, we know that each of our Bou Babies will be a wonderful
companion and a graceful and charming addition to your family.
They will bring love, warmth, and especially fun to your days!


We'll give you a brief description of the breeds of kittens for sale found at Boutique Kittens.

You'll also find helpful information throughout the website about our kittens,
their care and the great experiences, or as we like to call them, the
"Tique Tracks" shared with us by our kitty clients.

Persian kittens for sale
Our traditional, or Doll Face Persians are prized for their elegant full coats, expressive pansy-like faces, and gorgeous round eyes. This ancient and regal Persian breed is well-known as the most popular breed in the country. It is our hope that one of our Persian Bou Baby kittens for sale will become a loving addition to your home. Picture the stately beauty of our blue eyed white Persian:this is the purr-fection that we strive for!

Himalayan kittens for sale

Our ever popular Doll Face Himalayan kittens for sale are known for their dramatic colorpoints which so gracefully emphasize each of their features - from their nose to their toes! The Himalayan breed originated from crossing the Persian with the Siamese, so these kittens for sale get their friendly and affectionate side from their Persian ancestors and their mischievous playfulness from their Siamese heritage.


Toy and Teacup Persians and Himalayans have become increasingly popular. 
Fitting into today's lifestyles and homes, Boutique Kittens offers a
beautiful variety of colors in both our Toy and Tea Cup
Persians and Himalayans for sale.

Toy & Teacup Persian and Himalayan kittens for sale
Toy and Teacup Persians and Himalayans are small in size and big in personality!  Since 1971 Persians have been the most popular cat breed.  Our Toy and Teacup Persians and Himalayans help us meet the ever growing desire of families to have small pets.  Quiet and relaxed by nature, these little kitties make wonderful family companions and great City Kitties!

White Persian kittens for sale
Pure white Persians with blue eyes were among the first to arrive in Europe and the United States in the early 1600s.  The blue eyed white Persians were later crossed with cream, black and blue Persians which brought the development of Copper-Eyed White and Odd-Eyed White Persians.  We are pleased to offer all combinations in our beautiful white Persians.  The luxurious elegance and beauty of the white Persian paired with its sweet affectionate temperament makes it the most sought-after of Persians


Our standards in raising these sweet Bou Baby kittens for sale are measured
first by the health of each kitten. We follow animal husbandry practices
outlined by the Department of Agriculture and our veterinarians to
ensure the safety and health of each of our cats and kittens.

Our Health Guarantee was authored by our veterinarian who monitors
the guidelines of our breeding practices and administers testing
for breeders as well as the health check ups and vaccinations
for all kittens. Details are set forth within our guarantee.

We then follow our heart to make sure happiness and love
surround them each day they spend in our nursery!

We're excited about our wide variety of kitten colors, sizes and breeds we
can bring to you!  You will see everything including:
Bright White

Deep Chocolate

 All Himalayan Point Colors 

We'll also have those incredibly unique
Bi-Colors, Parti-Colors and Smokes!

We welcome you to browse through our website, enjoy the sweet faces
pictured here, and look for the perfect kitten for sale whose picture
speaks to you, and to your heart.  We hope you will see that
each of our kittens is loved, adorable, and most of all...
they would be a welcome addition to your family!

Enjoy your visit!
Let us know if we can help you find the kitty of your dreams.

White doll faced persian kittens for sale
Chocolate and Seal point Himalayan cats for sale