Persian Kittens for sale A Copper and Blue eyed White Kitten
  Doll faced white Persian Kittens for sale
Himalayan Kittens for sale


Copper Eyed White Toy Persian Boy
Born 11/05/2007

Seen on Denver's CW2 Morning News with
Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald!

Reserved for Christine and family!

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Persian Kittens for Sale

We were waiting for Snowball as soon as he arrived in Seattle Saturday morning.
He is just beautiful! I am so very pleased with him and so are my children. He
 has acclimated to us very quickly and runs around like he owns the place 
(which he kind of does!) and even slept right next to my head last night.

 I just wanted to say Thank you so much. We are in love with him!


Persian Kittens for sale
Persian Kittens for sale
White doll faced persian kittens for sale
Chocolate and Seal point Himalayan cats for sale