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White Tea Cup Persian

There is little more breath-taking nor more popular than the pure white Persian cat.  Their silky flowing white coat
is flattered by their chubby cheeks and round eyes making these kitties a sight to behold.  Their physical
characteristics are a compliment to their devoted and loving personalities.

Persians are known and highly rated for their adaptability and affection.  These qualities make the Persian kitten a wonderful
choice for companions and family members.  Although quiet in nature they create strong bonds with their human families.

You will enjoy their sweet and playful nature during the day and their snuggling while relaxing in the evening. 

Luxurious and sweet, the white Persian cat is truly in a class of its own!

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  New Kittens  

  Due to arrive late Sep 2017 

!! Persians & Himalayans ~ Toy and Tea Cup sizes !!

White teacup persians

Boutique Kittens Toby
Blue Eyed White Teacup Persian Boy
Born Jul 3, 2017

Reserved for Kelsey

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