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Nursery name "Sadie"

Seal Bi Color Point Rag A Per Girl
Born September 14, 2006

Living with Karen!!

"Not to worry...she is adjusting beautifully.  She has done so much to heal the hole in my heart left by Alexi...and she has two big  brothers to dote on her.

And I want  to assure you that she is in a wonderful new home and is a  precious  member of the family..she even eats her food from a crystal wine  glass!!   And yes she sleeps on my chest every nite so now everyone is happy!   Thank you  Thank you for everything that you have done to make  Satchi the the little miracle that she is.  You are doing important work."


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Seal Bi Color Point Ragaper Kitten
White doll faced persian kittens for sale
Chocolate and Seal point Himalayan cats for sale