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Nursery name "Kiara"
Tortie Lynx Bi-Color Point Toy Himalayan Girl
Born 03/16/14

Reserved for Maureen!

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Copper Eyed White Toy Persian

Update 05/26/14: "We r just madly I love w cleo(she didn't seem like a Lu-lol).

What a sassy little one!!  I can't get over how agile she is-already jumping 

up and den from furniture and up And dwn stairs.

She's been a blessing for my daughter-I thnk she's been exactly what she needed.

I don't know how's she's going to leave her in August :(

Hope your hving a great weekend."


It's time for those baby eyes to open up and see the world!

Black Classic Tabby Persian

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White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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