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Nursery name "Polly"

Blue with White Ragaper girl
Born 02/14/2007

Living happily with Susan & Greg!!

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Happy 1st Birthday Isabella!!

Update February 19, 2008

"Thought you guys would like to see some pics from Isabella's first birthday!
We had a party and invited relatives and friends.
Nice that it was on Valentine's Day so we could wrap the celebration into one." 

"We had a great time, we had red velvet cup cakes, and peppermint ice
cream, from a local ice cream maker. She got very cute gifts that she
has been very busy playing with this week!"

My First Christmas!!


Update 09/05/07:    Here are a couple of Isabella's 6 month old pictures, my
how she has become quite the young lady! Despite the many soft  "cushy"
things we have purchased, she prefers the "hard", cool surfaces!!!
  She is growing up, she still loves to play "peek-a-boo", that
is her very favorite game, we hide around corners and in
different rooms calling her name, she hunts us down,
then jumps sideways at us, its so much fun!! 

Update August 20, 2007
Thought you might like to see how Isabella spent her lazy rainy Monday here in Ohio.
Talk about the "good life."

Update July 26, 2007
She's getting sooooo big, her oatmeal is really making her grow healthily!! ha!!
And of course her Life's Abundance, and Life's Abundance "treats", boy does she come running for her "treats"!!


Father's day 2007!
Yes, she is more beautiful each & every day, she is growing also
Every Day!!!!!! She is impossible to resist!!!!!! Everyone melts,
when they see her, and pet her bunny soft furr!!!!!!!!!!
Fondly, Susan

Update June 8, 2007  She is such a Huge joy to us, I can't even begin to
tell you how pleased, and thrilled we are to  have her in our lives!!!!
(she keeps helping me type right now) ha.

We were looking high & low for her, we finally found her woven in between
the antiques!!!  Only Little Princess Isabella would squeeze in there!!!!
HA!!!! She is good though, she never knocks any thing out of place
(so far) as Daddy says!!!

Fondly, Susan & Greg

Black Tabby with White Ragaper

We just wanted to email you and let you know that our little Isabella
is so very precious!!!!!! We Love her so much!!

She had a good journey on the plane, got in right on time. She's so
very little, we couldn't hardly find her in her carrier, what a sweet
way for her to travel.

She settled right down, and played and napped all  the way home. She
has become very comfortable with us already, and seems to love her
new home. She lays on her back & purrs, when we rub her tummy.

She used her box, and ate & drank water fairly quickly, after arriving home.
When we sat down to have a bite to eat, so did she, was so cute! She's
playing, jumping and scooting all over the house, Already!!!!

Thank you so much for such a precious gift!

 She is very well socialized, we can tell, and our neighbors,
Sheila & Bob are in love with her too.

Greg is going to attach some photos of her we took this evening,
she is so busy, its hard to capture her pictures!!!

Blue Tabby with White Ragaper

I think we have a hundred pictures of this little princess, already!!!!!! Ha!
She is just a dolly cake!!!!

All the Aunties came to Findlay to see her yesterday, wow, was she a hit!!!!!
Sheila, our neighbor, (we tried to get to adopt Bruster, actually she would
have loved to, it was Bob, her husband, who was a little stubborn about it),
is totally in love with her, she has been here 3 times since Isabella
arrived home, brought Bob, and Mitchel , her son!!!

I haven't gotten much else done, since she arrived, I can't stop playing
and just watching her!!!

Looks like Isabella is going to have a special bed and buddy!

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