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Nursery name "Parti Girl"

Chocolate Tortie Persian Girl
Born July 6, 2006

We're so blessed to have this little angel in our family she brings great joy, love and
laughter.  Thank you, Kathi, for allowing us this privilege - we'll never forget Parti
Girl's Mom!  Take care and we'll keep in touch.  Guess who just woke up and came in to
sit on my lap!  Fanci sends XXXOOO...

All our best...
Ralph & Debbi


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Chocolate Tortie Persian

"Fanci is just fine - growing like a weed and developing her personality daily.  She is soooo much fun - she keeps us in stitches all the time - we haven't laughed so hard in I don't know when!  She loves to play peek-a-boo around the opening from the family room into the kitchen with her Papa (Ralph) and her face has so much expression - it's a nightly ritual as dinner is prepared or cleaned up.

Fanci is also a loving cuddle bug, although she's getting almost too big for my lap.  She loves to cuddle when I read the morning paper, do the crossword, or work on baby afghans I'm making for the birth of twin grandkids (due any day).  She also cuddles when we go to bed at night after we play chase the toes under the covers for a while!

This past Monday she went to the hospital for spaying so we were in intensive loving care mode for a couple days.  She's fine now and back to her old self - minus a bit of fur on her tummy.

You can see from the pictures how much she has grown - I wanted to take pictures that would give you a reference point of scale for her size.  She weighs @ 5 lbs!!  And - her coloring - unbelievable!  I've tried to capture different angles so you can see how her markings have developed - what about that face?!?!  Doesn't it just make your heart melt?  She has turned a bit gray but the brown is still underneath - her coat is just amazing!

Rest assured that Fanci is doing just fine and is loved so much.  When Ralph went to the vet to pick her up after the surgery there was a woman standing behind him.  She looked into Fanci's taxi and commented that she'd never seen one set up like that.  Ralph told her that Fanci was kinda spoiled!  Kinda?  Nope - she's rotten spoiled and we just adore her!  Kathi, we will forever thank you and be grateful to you for allowing this fur-person into our lives - she has and continues to bring so much joy to us.  

Visited your site before writing this - you've been busy birthing this past week... what adorable babies!  And, thanks for keeping Fanci's page up.  We do believe she is a perfect example of a tortie for you - if we do say so ourselves!  Take care, Kathi and again, I'm sorry it took so long to respond.  Enjoy the photos.

Best Regards... Deborah Sullivan (and Ralph)"
Fanci sends her hugs and kisses OOOXXX   :-)

Chocolate Tortie Persian Kitten, Persian kittens for sale

Fanci is one of our rare and unique Persian colors found
at Boutique Kittens. Watch for future one of a kind
Bou Babies on our Birth Announcement page!

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