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Lily CoCo

Nursery Name "CoCo Bean
Chocolate Tortie Persian Girl
Born 01/10/15

Reserved for Hannah!

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Chocolate Tortie Persian

Update 03/23/15: "Just wanted to let you know that Lily is doing very well.  The vet said that she is super healthy and super adorable!
She is settling in very well too.  She is currently snuggled along side of Bill and making lots of cute sleeping noises!

Thanks for sending us such a great kitten!!!

Hope to talk to you soon,
Michelle and Hannah"

CoCo and KaKo love each other and liked their "together" pictures best :)
Above: Coco would not look at the camera as long as her brother was meowing on the other side!

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Black Classic Tabby Persian

Lily in action!

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