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Nursery name "Gwen"
Cream Smoke Persian Girl
Born 04/24/2007

Living with Pam, Gary, Aly, Maddy, Peyton  & Patience!

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Cameo Persian kittens

Update: Christmas 2007
Here are a couple pictures of my kitties from Christmas that I thought you might enjoy.  I can't believe how big
(especially Bailey) they are!!!!!  And to this day, Peyton's personality is like Aly's and Bailey's is like Maddy's. 
Bailey loves to cuddle under the blankets early in the morning and give kisses.  She is quite the character -
she has to investigate and get into everything.  Peyton usually only wants attention when it is time for
food,  there is an activity going on that she feels she should be in the middle of, or when she needs
lots of neck itching in the morning.  Both always come running to the door when someone comes
in or they hear the doorbell.  They are a lot of fun!

I don't know how you do it, but you raise the most loving and fun kittens!
Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!


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