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Chocolate Toy Persian Girl
Born 07/06/2007

Living with Joanie, Taffy, and MoJo!!

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Update December 9, 2007

"She has filled out beautifully.  Loves the water, I have to leave the sink dripping so she can play in it.  Now, let's see what happens when we get our Christmas tree tomorrow!!"

Chocolate Persian

Update September 28, 2007
"Tootsie has adopted quite well and doesn't put up with anything that Taffy or MoJo dish out.   On her second day she chased MoJo into the bathroom and he jumped into the toilet.  Yesterday, she climbed up the kitty condo and basically made him get out of what used to be his spot, but now hers. She has quite the personality.  Thank you again for bringing Tootsie into our hearts."

Chocolate Persian, Persian kittens for sale
Chocolate Persian kittens, Persian kittens for sale
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