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Shipping and Delivery

United Petsafe

We've always have questions about "if" we ship and about the "safety" of shipping. We have shipped
many, many "Bou Babies" from the East coast to the West coast for over a decade with
great success! Each arriving safe and sound and ready for their new families :)

We prepare our kittens the week prior to shipping by bringing their pet carriers into the nursery
and spreading around their baby blankets that will fly with them to their new homes. The
scents of their littermates and mommy will come right along with them for comfort.

Your baby will get from our nursery to you in no time at all! We feel that shipping is a much less
stressful form of transporting than a long car ride. The sooner we can get your furr baby
to you, the sooner you all can go home and start settling in for a lifetime of fun!

Shipping is a stressful time, but it is just a few hours in your kitty's life and we do our very best
to make sure that those few hours are spent as comfortably and safely as possible.

We are fortunate to be located near three major airports which allows us to
schedule direct flights throughout the United States and Canada.

Chicago O'Hare International 
Detroit Metropolitan
Indianapolis International

Ok, now it's time for you to decide.
Read the options below and let us know which will be best
for your "Bou Baby's" homecoming day!


Luxury Shipping Package       $350 (USD)

After adopting your new "Bou Baby" we can arrange delivery for a flat rate of $350 (USD) via several major airlines.
Our flat rate is for shipping within the United States only; contact us directly for international shipping costs.
This cost includes a pet carrier, food and water, the health certificate from our veterinarians and the
cost of the flight.  The air luxury shipping package includes "comfy" items -
a soft and fluffy fleecy bed, baby blanket!

We ship using United's Petsafe Program or other major airlines based on which will be best for delivering to your
home.  We strive to find direct flights to avoid connections that would cause extended travel times.
We will make all the arrangements, all you need to do is pick up your new fur baby at the airport.

Personal Delivery

Standard Shipping Package   $350 (USD)
plus passenger round trip air fare

At the request of a number of our customers we now provide a personal delivery service.  We will personally
escort your "Bou Baby" to any airport ensuring that they receive the best care possible en route. The
standard shipping fee of $350 (USD) is charged in addition to the price of a plane ticket.

If the itinerary travel time is over 4 hours one way, or there is not a return flight available from your
airport of choice within 3 hours, we charge an additional fee of $100 (USD).  We will make all
the arrangements, all you need to do is meet us at the airport and receive your new baby!

Final prices vary based on destination and time of year.
Please contact us directly for more details.

Local Delivery

Local Delivery Package   $100 (USD)

Black Persian

Our cost for local delivery is $100 (USD).  This includes a well check up, first  kitten vaccination, a pet
carrier including a baby blanket with momma's scent, and of course some of your kitty's favorite toys!
We promise to make this a special day for you and your new "Bou Baby"!

Our local delivery areas consist of:

Indiana (Northern and Central)
Illinois (Chicago area and Central)
Michigan (Southern and Central)
Ohio (Western and Central)

We are happy to drive up to 3 hours one way to meet with our new families.

Please feel free to email with questions.




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