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Sasha and Khoshka

Seal Point Toy Himalayan Girl
Born 03/27/2007
Blue Lynx Point Himalayan Boy
Born 04/10/2007

Living with Kathy in Colorado!

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Seal Point Himalayan
Blue Lynx Point Himalayan
Seal Point Himalayan

She LOVES to play and can't get enough of it until she practically falls asleep on
the turbo scratcher! So when she is napping, that is when mommy is getting
stuff done! It's hard to imagine my life without her now and soon it will be
the same with Khoshka.

I found that sleeping in the bed  in the guest room (now the nursery) helped
Sasha get through her second night a lot better than the first. She curled up
everywhere and loves pouncing on toes! She is an excellent, well behaved
kitten!  I will not be able to thank you enough.....thank you!!!!

Just wanted to share my joy with you!
Your friend, Kathy

New mommy Kathy couldn't resist a little visit with her
babies the day before Mother's Day!

White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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