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Nursery name "Merry"
Odd Eyed White Toy Persian Girl
Born 10/06/2008

Reserved for Chris!!

It’s us again!  We wanted to give you another update on little “Merry”,
lovingly known now as Purr-Nilla…

She has continued to melt our hearts and brighten our lives with her exceptional personality! 
She has the entire family by the heartstrings, including our two labs!! She has adopted them
as her favorite playmates when my daughter is at school, endlessly stalking and pestering
them.  They adore the attention and return it with lots of puppy kisses and snuggles.  I
cannot begin to express the love and joy this little kitten has brought to my daughter. 
Taylor’s first & last thought each day is of her “perfect Nilla-girl”.  She is exactly how
you described her…a perfect balance between playful and loving.  I have included an
updated photo of our little Nilla-girl.  Although she is now only about 5 months old, she
is already growing into a beautiful cat.  She causes quite a stir when we visit our vet--
-everyone has to peek in our room and see her!!  Our vet praised her health and
personality.  We thank you again for allowing us to bring one of your kittens
into our  family and will continue to send you news!

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