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Nursery name "Stardust"

Lilac Toy Persian Girl
Born 02/19/2007

Living with Marcia!

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Lilac Persian for sale

Update 07/03/07:      I forgot to tell you how cute it was when I took Pinky for her
third shot.  Everyone in the office was in love with her.  The tech took her out
of the carrier when we first got there and wouldn't stop remarking about
how beautiful she was.  Then everyone who works there had to see her
and hold her. Our vet, Sharon, who was then 8 months pregnant, held
her and petted her for about five minutes and kept saying how
perfectly gorgeous she was.  Well, you know how much we
love her.  You made a great match.  Thanks, Marcia

Her name is Pinky because of her pink tinge in the light.  She follows
Sophie everywhere.  I just can't get over how cute she is. 
Thank you a million times.  Marcia

Lilac Persian, Persian kittens for sale

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