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The Napoleon

Chocolate Tortie With White Napoleon Kitten

Many Napoleons, true to their name, are known for their small stature. With their Persian-esque round faces and Munchkin-like short legs, this adorable breed is truly a little treasure. Nonstandard Napoleons, a variation of the breed with long legs, are as actively sought as their little counterparts for both their beauty and their wonderful personalities. 

You will find yourself smiling from the sounds of their quick little “pitter patter” as they run to see you, to the sight of their distinctive little waddle of excitement that accompanies each step! As if that isn’t enough to warm your heart, there will be a gentle nudge to let you know a little cuddling is in order!

A Brief History of the Napoleon Breed

The Napoleon breed is a hybrid, developed by crossing a member of the Persian family (a Persian, Himalayan, or Exotic) with a long- or shorthaired Munchkin. The Napoleon is a relatively new breed, and therefore a “work in progress.”

Developing a new breed of feline isn’t a quick or easy process and takes time and patience. When a Persian and a Munchkin are bred, their kittens are technically Napoleons. However, due to the vagaries of genetics, these kittens will not show the characteristics of “true” Napoleons and must be bred with the Persian family for another couple of generations until their offspring begin to show the characteristics of a Napoleon.

Blue Smoke Classic Tabby with White Napoleon Kitten

Physical Characteristics of a Napoleon

Napoleons come in an incredible array of shapes and colors. While the standard Napoleon has a Persian’s sweet round face, wide eyes, snub nose, silky coat, and short legs, there are many other accepted variations of the breed that are just as adorable and make wonderful pets. True Napoleons are found in any color and may have long coats or short.

With the Napoleon breed, it is important to remember that a gene causes their most distinctive feature (short legs) and this feature will not appear in every kitten. The Napoleon acquires its short stature through a naturally occurring genetic mutation called hypochondroplasia, or dwarfism.  Breeding short-legged cats to short-legged cats may still result in kittens with long legs.

Though long-legged Napoleons are not eligible for showing, they are just as much a Napoleon as their short-legged brothers and sisters, and they are just as desirable. Not only are they beautiful cats, but they have the sweet, friendly personalities unique to the breed.

Silver Chocolate Tabby with White Napoleon Kitten

Personality Description of a Napoleon

One of the best things about the Napoleon breed is their wonderful personality. Their attitude is a perfect combination of the sweet, laid-back Persian’s temperament and the loving and sociable Munchkin’s demeanor. Whether long-legged or short-legged, your Napoleon will be an exemplary pet, with an affectionate nature and a fun-loving disposition.

Simply put, Napoleons are happy little kitties. They each have a high-spirited, almost whimsical cheerfulness about them that is guaranteed to bring smiles. Their bubbly personality shines right through their round expressive eyes, so generously passed on from their Persian side.

Though some Napoleons may have short legs, they are not short on speed. Napoleons are active and can run surprisingly fast. Playing is at the top of the Napoleon's “to do” list each and every day. You needn’t worry that they won’t be able to keep up with any other pets, or even children, that they might share a household with. Their playful nature overrides any possible short-legged stature they may have: in personality and temperament, Napoleons never seem to grow out of their “kittenhood.”

Tortie Napoleon Kitten

Caring for your Napoleon

Napoleons have the general hardiness of their parent breeds and require only the type of care that you would give any other breed of feline. A good diet, plenty of exercise, and regular veterinarian checkups are a necessity, as well as a good grooming routine.

While your Napoleon is still very young, it is a good idea to get them used to being groomed. Long-haired Napoleons require a good run-through with a comb or brush every day. Short-haired Napoleons require brushing, but not as frequently: maybe a couple of times per week. Keeping your Napoleon’s nails trimmed (and a scratching post available) will spare your furniture and keep thoughts of de-clawing away.

With good care and lots of affection, your Napoleon can live a long and happy life as a pampered member of your family. In return, your Napoleon, whether long-legged or short-legged, will reward you for your care with boundless enthusiasm, affectionate regard, and loving devotion.

Cameo Napoleon Kitten

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