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Odd Eyed White Toy Persian Boy
Born 03/27/2007

Living with Scott, Lee, Dillon, and Bailey and Taz!!

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Odd eyed white Persian kitten

Update 01/04/12: I wanted you to see how beautiful Jake is!

Update 10/18/10: Pic of Jake and Taz with their sister Brownie looking out the window! :))

Odd Eyed White Persian

06/08/07: Jake definitely brought smiles to all four of us yesterday and again
today! He really is a precious boy! He bonded with me so quickly, I still
can't believe it!  He is so playful and fun, and then he curls up on me
and sleeps, it is fantastic! He slept in my arms all night, well almost,
he decided that 5:30am was the time for us to get up today! :)

You are not just a wonderful breeder, you are a wonderful caring person,
which is why your babies are so amazing! You can  tell how much love
they receive while in your home. I know that is why they are
so loving and wonderful!

You love each of your babies, and it truely shows, both in them and
your handling of us (the new "parents").   Thank you!!!!!!  Lee

Odd eyed white Persian, Persian kittens for sale

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